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@Nikhil i agree that our forum is great - and i know you as well want it to grow by leaps and bounds.

But recently i find some new members may be due to high rate per post, are just spaming,

even i have noticed some are copy pasting others post in the same thread. We have to keep an eye on such spammers

and We should report the post so that moderators and admin may remove such posts and warn or punish such members.


Though a reason to bit worry but i am sure admin is quite active and experienced and he will deal such issues with care

and spammers will not be allowed to spoil the forum.

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This is very good paid to post forum. Imagine, 6 cents per thread and 4 cents per reply. That is very high paying posting rate I guess. Well I am new here and looking for something that will make me more profitable by the end of this year. I've been out for most of the year in online money making world and I'm back and I guess this forum is just a great way to start it. Cheers everyone.

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Today i see lot of members online on this forum and good activity

Which indicates the forum's progress is in uptrendz

and looks soon DMT is going to be one of the best forum due to good steps by admin.

I just feel new members should follow rules and avoid making spam post as ultimately they will be cought and cant earn much by cheating so be fair and this will be good for forum as well s members. Further we should feel this our duty to report any unwanted/spam/wrong post to keep forum clean.

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Just got my 5th payout request paid which i placed today itself and thanks got without any warning/infraction (and no deduction in fact) as i saw in payment requests several persons got warning status 10+.

I see less people participating in the discussion about our forum, @admin cant the thread about our forum be sticked at top?

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I was pretty late to see these thread actually

Anyway thanks yogesh for creating that


@nikhil gupta

About having referral system even im looking for the same and we have already tried that but there is some problem after that

i guess members who joined the forum might remember that sign up problem which many members had which was because of these referral system add on and so we have removed that for now but would be adding soon



About many people just active in payment proof section well its not bad for the forum as more payment proof can act as source in attracting new HYIP for advertising



Please visit the Info and announcement section to see all those updates



About your query on spamming dont worry im keeping eye on those and even taken action against many

I want everyone to improve to the best and so im even making that sure to add note in every payout

i hope everyone is reading that



Well its upto each members wish to request payout at different levels

Promotional offer is just to make sure that new members can try to reach minimum payout mark easily and also more payouts in less time period will help in more members



Yup the rates are high to get more members and probably would be continuing the same rates till i feel the forum have got stability with good no.of active members

but can expect same rates in coming few months atleast.


I would like to know if any member can help us in getting advertisers through his contact to HYIP admin or anyone else as he will get his reward for bringing same

PM me for more details.

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yes definitely. this is a very good forum. hope members can find more advertisers for this forum. i want to prioritize the forum more only that of my slow connection lately. i can't post that much and that often. hope to post here again a lot soon when i have better connection. and when i haev lots of time also.

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I am new to this forum and joined here because I heard a lot of good things about administration from other forums and this forum looks really promising with a great fresh look than other

forums. I can clearly see the good experience of administration being clearly reflected in having additional topic threads like surveys, Contests etc. The contest part is a sure motivation for

new members as its so easy and fun to play. Overall I liked this forum and look ahead to be here in the long run. Yeah the rates for starting thread are high but I do not care for that, I

can't start new threads just for the sake of getting 2 extra cents :D. I rarely do start threads in forums, happy to participate in discussions.

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I am quite new to dmt and have joined this forum just few days before

and I already got paid my first payment request in around 12 hours time, I appreciate admin is very active.

Infact i was fearing to see deduction in few payments for some reasons - but am happy that i got good remarks and 100% payment.

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Slowly DMT is beginning to take its leap and I am happy now that it reach its members now at 250+ ^^ more activity here in our dear forum means more contest! The rate is good much more in HYIP discussion section and the payment takes only 1-2 days and that is nice!

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Vow its really great - if you be able to load dmt on your mobile and make posts - But i agree with sirwilly that forums much heavy when it comes to loading and mobile internet being slow will be quite difficult in my opinion. Anyway if you are able to make posts well using any of the mobile connection please let us know.

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actually it also depends on network signal.like now this forum is loading pretty okay.and i can post here any where. I am going to try focus more in this forum this day.i have stopped posting for a while in other forums just so i can focus here as i have neglected my activity here a lot. I plan to be in the top of forums i am active at.

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