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  1. I don't know if this one is still a good paying forum. They provided a good opportunity before but after a few months they have become more strict and he has become more difficult for the posters to reach the minimum payout. But then it was not the reason why I gave up on this one but because it was hard for me to learn how to be a good forex trader.
  2. I'm glad to know that this forum is still online and still paying somehow. But the activity it's not as good as it used to be. But anyway this is a good place for information online about making money but I don't think I should expect that activity would be get back to what it used to be.
  3. Maybe because they have seen that the bonus payment didn't elp promote their business at all. So they just keep on trying to keep up lwith paying the members and now they decided they don't want to spend any money on the promotion as it didn't give them benefits. It has been more than a year ago when in stopped my posting here.
  4. I'm sure you would receive payment here although WV are not sure when. But then with the problems of few sponsors in forums that we just have to bear it and just be happy despite the slow processing of payment. But for me I'm just happy to show my support to the forum.
  5. I don't think there's good activity but members are just busy withother things. I am quite busy myself but I am going to do some post. If only I can see more activity that it would encourage me to come here more often. But at least the forum is still going and not have stopped this ptp.
  6. I'm just using cellphone which does not show the shout box.so I don't see when admin has been online. it's nice that admin is still doing okay with this forum. yes, the forum does have low rates but it's just okay. I just wish to see this forum will have more activities and good posters that would or can provide good information and ideas
  7. good to know that it's already back online. I know there has been few active posters now as I do not think ptp forums are still doing well. just hoping it'll get more new members.
  8. regardless if the admin is not giving high rates.it's still good to post in here. if you experience in fore then whatever amount you may get for your participation would be good.
  9. this forum is still doing okay up to now. I'm glad that admin hasn't given up in this one making it one of the longest paying forum we have around now.
  10. it has been a very long time since the last time I have checked out the forum. I do think it is still a nice forum. regardless if the rates have stayed the same or not, i'll try to get back if I can.
  11. the forum seems to be busy with activity. it has so many post already. it looks very nicely done. I'm still about to see if the rates is indeed that good.
  12. Still the forum is online. I thought it would stop the promotion but then it's great .but I don't have the patience to post here daily anymore. But anyway the activity is still okay here. I am still waiting for them to have paypal for withdrawal for me to get posting here again.
  13. i wonder how the admin is able to maintain the payment here. it seems that the owner has lots of funds to continue for a long time already. i have not been able to reach my first payout even. i am just so busy as usual. @budado: how many times have you been paid in here. from what i know that you just maintain moderate activity in every forum you are in.
  14. so are you able to get more in your trading account lately. it has been your goal to have more funds and I know that you have always been active here. I expect by now that you have been making more money than before in your trading account. I am not that happy with my money I get here.
  15. I would do that next time. I have not started to post here yet. despite the fact discussions here have been getting repetitive. but I need or maybe just want to receive money from here again that I might try to participate again on the discussions. and try to reach for the minimum payout again hopefully this month.
  16. I think that the site is giving good information in different topics. I have checked out the site just now but then I feel there's still lacking in information. if there's a way for them to give more comprehensive and up to date information that it would surely be a very good place toget valuable information and this would make the site more popular and have more traffic. but then it's giving lots of knowledge but I just think they can still do better. after all I think that they want to be known as a forum for intelligent discussions.
  17. I feel that ptp forums had declined in activity a lot. there's less interest among members. I want to make the forum lively again but then I think it's hard when there's few members posting now. but I think that we should see more interesting section that would get the members more interested.
  18. for me I would not give up provided I have not lose too much but then it would depend if you think that you can't anymore find the time to learn forex more. I have lost maybe almost twenty times also but I have stopped for now because I don't have the time to learn forex more. when I can manage my time well I would definitely go back to trading again.
  19. demo account should be the place to practice and learn but we can go right to the live account after a month in the demo account but then it's more preferable I'd you want to stay longer on the demo account so that you will be able to learn a lot more so that you will be able to ensure that you will not lose big right away on the demo account.
  20. I'm still hoping that I would be able to get a lot of money in this business so that it would be my full time job. but for now I still am trying to learn and master forex as I still experience lots of losses although I have not give up yet. I just need to be more patient that I know that one day I would be a successful trader also.
  21. six months to get paid that was such a long wait to get paid. I don't think I will join here when the admin would just pay only when he wants to . it's like there's no assurance up to when you will get paid here.
  22. I would wait to see if members would get the payment before I would join here. I have check out the site but I'm still quite confused as I don't know which are the paying sections and don't know where to look in forum about that. there's a lot of difficult sections here that's why I'm not sure if I can post here well.
  23. you are a very active poster. it's very hard to post here for me because it's more about forex. it's quite tiring to post on the forex section when I'm not a good trader and I'm not knowledgeable about forex. it takes more to participate on the discussion here.
  24. I don't know if it's still a good paying one. but then I think according to you it is. so I have been able to post here this morning I just hope that I would have more free time so that I will be able to get a lot of bonus payment or points that I can use for teasing.
  25. I'm surprised that you guys have been doing pretty well here. anyways I have check out the site already awhile ago but I'm not sure which are the paying sections. it seems that the topics here are quite difficult but I will still trying to join soon and hopefully be able to do well here as well.
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