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  1. Hi Username : (abdulla1) Amount To Request (DMT points) : (example: 215) Liberty Reserve ID : (U8952340) Thanks
  2. The Forex market is an extremely large market. In fact, it is one of the biggest money markets to be found in the world as it brings in trillions of dollar trades each day. You will be able to make lots of money with forex trading, but you will need to know what you are doing. As long as you know what you are doing, there are a number of different benefits that you will be able to take advantage of. When you become a forex trader that is successful, you will find financial rewards and a great lifestyle. As we continue this article, we would like to tell you some tips on forex investing. On
  3. Forex trading is definitely risky. Not all who participate in Forex trading ends up with profits. With fixed ratio money management, you will profit more rather than losing money. It will help you to maximizes your money and limits your looses. It is a defensive strategy in Forex trading. Let me show you how you can turn your $1,000 to $12,000 safely in Forex trading. Follow these steps and start cashing in your profits. Step 1: Open a Forex trading account of $1000 for every lot. Step 2: Determine how many pips you want to gain before you increase your investment in a lot. The minimum
  4. Anyone who is serious about trading needs to have a Forex Trading System that is tailored to them, but there is no reason to start constructing your Forex trading system from scratch. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from other traders years of experience and borrow your trading system's ideas and concepts? It's easy to do, and there are some pretty good Forex trading systems out there for you to work with. Some of them are free and some are very expensive, but the price tags don't always reflect the actual value of the Forex trading systems. But, many of these syste
  5. So, you now have a trading system. You devised it, you tested it and you are already using it to trade the market. You may have automated it or you may still have to put your buy and sell orders manually, but for the moment, you really have nothing much to do apart from following your system with ironclad self-discipline. The question is: Now what do you do? If you are one of those traders who reached this stage, the chances are you may have spent your last few months or years arriving at your system and now that you have it, you have spare time. With this spare time, you may find yourself
  6. Automated forex trading systems use the latest technology to simplify navigation of the forex market. These systems are made up of sophisticated computer software that uses mathematical algorithms to analyze the right times to buy and sell currency. These programs also make the process even easier by conducting the trades for you. Trusting a machine to make choices when large sums of money are at stake may sound like a bad idea, but automated forex trading can actually work better than trading handled by a human. People frequently make mistakes such as math errors, misreading charts, or si
  7. Swing trading in forex is a form of quick trading performed by investors aiming to maximize profits and minimize risks by making strategic trades that last from 3 to 30 days. This is a very popular style of trading among investors and day traders across the globe. Swing trading depends on short-term variations in the market, forcing traders to react to the changes in a rapid manner. This form of trading depends more on stress price patterns than actual value. As a trader, you do not wait for currency prices to hit either high or bottom, but wait for short term fluctuations in the market. S
  8. Keen on starting Forex trading? Why would you not be: Many beginning Forex traders are captivated by the allure of easy money. Forex websites offer 'risk-free' trading, 'high returns' and 'low investment' — these claims have a grain of truth in them, but the reality of Forex is a bit more complex. As with anything in life, what you put in will determine what you get out. There are two common mistakes that many beginner traders make — trading without a strategy and letting emotions rule their decisions. After opening a Forex account it may be tempting to dive right in and start trading. Wat
  9. RULE #1) ~ Cut your losers; let your winners ride. One important thing that every new trader must know before entering this highly profitable business is that life is not perfect, even in Forex land, and you should always know one fact: YOU WILL HAVE LOSING TRADES. Every Forex trader does. The key to being a consistent, predictable, reliable trader is to, at the end of the day, add up more wins than losses. And, when you KNOW(based off your trading rules), without a doubt, that YES, indeed you are, in a losing trade, don't keep losing money (lowering your stop loss) just to *prove you
  10. Online, Day trading has exploded across America. Some investors have been very successful and boast of huge gains made in incredibly short periods of time. However, there are many others who experience devastating losses because they have not tapped into the 6 critical factors necessary for successful Futures and FOREX Trading. Success in any profession can be broken down into a number of critical factors. Trading is no different. A successful trading strategy incorporates the following 6 factors. 1. Determination of An Edge: Trading Futures is a zero sum game. There mu
  11. Oil futures surged to a record intraday high of $70.85 on August 30th, the day after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast. While prices have moderated in subsequent weeks, it's worth examining how higher commodity prices and the specter of inflation impacts the foreign exchange (FX) market, particularly the U.S. dollar. Traditional supply and demand factors certainly have contributed to the longer term trend in energy prices. The demand side of the equation has been getting plenty of press this year, with focus on the rapidly growing thirst for oil in both China and India. How
  12. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has a major influence on forex trading. As an important economic indicator, CPI impacts not only forex, but also interest rates and stock and bond prices. The CPI is also used to make adjustments to cash flow mechanisms, such as pensions, health insurance and income. As a result, most traders and investors will find that the CPI affects their strategies in some way or the other. The CPI compares a household's cost of a specific basket of goods and services with the cost of the same basket during an earlier period. Economic Indicator: How Does CPI Influence Fo
  13. Whether it is in the millions or thousands, trading in the Forex is a bit risky. There are a lot of players involved and if you don't arm yourself properly with knowledge about the Forex you may just get swamped. The Forex is the largest most vibrant market in the whole wide world. The financial world has never had a market that involves so much transaction. Over a trillion dollars worth of different currencies exchange hands everyday. Some losing in the trade, while some hit the jackpot and make tons of money. The Forex is characterized by its unpredictability and the liquidity because it
  14. Todays current futures market is quite unlike the futures of the 19th century. Todays future market is a worldwide one that includes manufactured goods, financial currencies and treasury bonds, and agricultural products. When you speculate on futures it is not the actual good that is speculated upon rather it is the contract for the goods that is traded as value. Every futures contract includes a buyer and a seller. The following is an example of a futures speculation: A farmer agrees to deliver 1000 bushels of corn to a baker at a price of $5.00 a bushel. If the daily price of corn future
  15. One of the cardinal rules of Forex trading is to keep your losses small. With small Forex trading losses, you can outlast those times the market moves against you, and be well positioned for when the trend turns around. The proven method to keeping your losses small is to set your maximum loss before you even open a Forex trading position. The maximum loss is the greatest amount of capital that you are comfortable losing on any one trade. With your maximum loss set as a small percentage of your Forex trading float, a string of losses won`t stop you from trading. Unlike the 95% of Forex traders
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