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  1. This is a brand new forum where you can earn bitcoin for posting threads and replies in various discussions. The following are the posting rates: 100-102 satoshis per thread 10-15 satoshis per reply. You can request for cashout when you reach the minimum payout amount of 1000 satoshis. You'll be paid through your bitcoin wallet. here's the link: https://bitcoindiscussionforum.com/?referrer=43 Cheers!
  2. Get paid to simply listen and rate a music. You earn 10 cents for each music that you listen to. You will be paid once you reached $20. I just received my payment from this program even though it took nearly 6 months to achieve $20 but it was worth it. (See payment proof below) You don't do much on this and it was an easy money, you will just need to wait for music to listen to come to your list. I am from Philippines and I don't think that this program is selective of whom to send to review the music. I guess all you need is to select genre that is popular and keeps on having uploaders to review their music. By the way you will only need to listen to the music for 30 seconds, if you don't feel the song then you can move on to the next song from your list. Note that you need to complete 30 seconds to be able to be credited with 10 cents. Here are the genres i have selected: Alternative & Punk Country Pop R & B Rock You also earn 15% of what you referrals earned. Join here: http://www.musicxray.com?afid=d6568790cf930130f3ca12313d271cfa Enjoy listening and earning
  3. Displayed Username : chardyme Amount To Request (DMT points) : 154 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID: U1834697 Thanks in advance! More power to DMT!
  4. I was able to reached my goal from this forum and was able to request for my payment request, it has been quite some time since I last made a payment request in this forum and I am really glad that I did it already today. Hope to be more posting actively in here even more.
  5. Well I am glad that posting activiites is good in this forum, today I will be achieving reaching the minimum payout amount in this forum and will be requesting for payment as it was quite some time since my last payment request in here.
  6. I finally was able to reached the minimum payout amount in this forum earlier and finally have requested for another payment request since the last time I made request was around a month ago, I am just glad to have a payment request in here.
  7. Well it was just good for you guys that you are still been able to make some posts in here and it seems that the forum is still doing well and still paying you well for your efforts in here, it was just too bad that I don't like their requirements here to post in forex section too
  8. Is the forum still good to post or not anymore? I seems that I don't see admin of the forum posting or answering inquiries actively much like it was when it was just starting up. Anyways I would still consider this if it is still good.
  9. Well there are still some good numbers of posters who are still in to this site and the activities are still doing well, there are lots of stories of their lives and experiences being share on it and its nice to read
  10. WEll its good to see that the forum is still good and some of you guys are still into this forum, I am not able to visit the forum again and to become active in posting but still trying to consider this forum to be on my list to post with.
  11. WEll for now all you can do is support the forum and be as active as you can, hopefully admin will be able to increase the posting rates again in here and to attract the posters, old and new to become interested in posting again here.
  12. That's true, nowadays I feel that it was really tough to achieve 100 posts in this forum and I think that there is not much activities going on in here to make it active and achieve that goal.
  13. It's also been a while for me since I made some posts in here and I am glad that I am back posting though the activities isn't as high as it used to be before and I hope that I can become totally active in here though
  14. Good to see that the forum is still doing well and is still paying its member, despite of the low posting rates, posters are still interested to make some posts in here and I hope that I can also start posting again in here even not actively.
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