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  1. Even you can take the advantage of demo account , it doesn't mean that foreign exchange will be some kind of your profitable business. Forex for you if you able to know it from inside and outside, know the risk, and won't blame any other outer aspect which actually don't have correlation with your trading's growth.
  2. I think you are right, as long as you have enough capital in your trading account and learn enough about long term trading and how it works, then it might be work. But remember once again that long term strategy needs more and more patience rather than long term strategy, and don't suitable for traders who have short temper
  3. It is okay for someone to use manual trading management, it is not bad style. But if you can make some parts of it automatic it would be good for most of us. Robots takes nearly the whole process of trading to be automatic, it is just like you just set SL and TP and then let robot to take the open position.
  4. Understanding can be obtained through practice, and you need demo account for that but here long term trading would be more profitable for someone who know how to make money with it, it will be a disaster strategy if you cannot comprehend with how some long term trading simply works.
  5. For those who make good amount? If that's coming true, but if not you cannot make any profit with it fees surely the problem here, and basically before you start to trade you don't know if you make profit or not. Fees surely trouble especially for short term traders, imagine to trade with no fees like spread.
  6. It is the matter of capital, if you have a lot of money to start with maybe because you save it before or because of the other circumstances, i would recommend to open standard account, but if you have small capital then mini account is the most suitable considering sometimes it offers nice leverage too.
  7. In long term it will also sorry save your a** . You will change many thing from your way to trade which many of us prefer since less loss means that we able to get more capital to trade which we could convert back to pips. This is the foundation and basic of foreign exchange trading.
  8. Not for all traders to be exact but some people have their own preference towards something. In fact those calendar owners have their own forecast and they owe the result from big news site such as CNBC or something like that, overall they get it from someone which i mention before and posted on their calendar site.
  9. I wonder, but from my experience technicalist use indicators too. Fundamentalist use indicators and even Sentimentalist LOL use their own indicators. Naked trading is indicator-less, use those candlestick as the indicators or a thing to decide your next step whether to open a position or closing the position, basically you just use it, so still use indicator to me.
  10. MQL4 already support object oriented paradigm which makes mql5 somewhat obsolete and this is not good, right? But how about that metaquotes people gain profit from this MQL4 more than MQL5? MQL5 autotrading is just another way to trade, if you prefer MT5 then you can choose only MQL5 not MQL4.
  11. At first maybe they will trade with his own money for the sake of gaining some attraction from investors, but later yes they can use other's money at least they can make profit from the others and can withdraw his/her own money which has been invested before. But the atmosphere for trade someone money with your own money is different.
  12. Yes, nothing wrong with use leverage the problem is over leverage. It increases our chance to become a greedy traders. I don't like to see a broker which offers such high leverage like 1:1000 or even more that is so much unrealistic to me and usually the broker which offers that much leverage are scam brokers.
  13. Well, technically you do that and actually as long as the govt doesn't know you are fine with it. But it is actually hard to do especially if you want to invest through conventional way because banks usually strict and the brokers too. But once you passed it and trade quietly without attract much attention, you can "clean" the money.
  14. Based on my point of view, a good discipline in almost every single cases lead to a strong basic/foundation which helps trader later in their career. This is what makes people different than other traders especially the one who lack of discipline, and also usually it has lower loss rate and high profit rate.
  15. Not a problem when use mini account, in fact a lot of newbies around the world prefer mini account because it offers nice leverage and one thing for sure is low minimum deposit, since we all here already know that forex's newbie usually have smaller capital to start with compared to big players or veterans.
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