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  1. If the Admin is offering RCB in its HYIP Monitor site then for sure many members will choose to sign up under the HM link. Well, if the Admin is doing a great job then I guess he just need to keep it up so that members will be satisy with this Forum so that it's going to be one of the stable Forum.
  2. It used to be a great Forum because we know that members are getting paid fast in here, in daily basis especially that if you can create threads in here then you can earn a good amount in here in daily basis just like those HYIP Monitor site who can earn 25 cents with five HYIP Threads.
  3. Some members may get confuse especially the newbie, if they will rely on the first page content when the rate is still three cents per post because it's not updated. But if they will visit this Forum then I am sure that they will know about the current rates and paying and non payinng sections of this Forum.
  4. Well, it's just hard for the members who don't have the time to spend in here because if you have a lot of time then I guess it's better that you consider posting in here, besides we know that it's motivating when you are getting paid fast and this Forum is offering that to its members as they are getting paid fast.
  5. Members will get used to it. Well, before we might heard that some members are not happy with that deduction, but it's been for several months so I guess some of them are already used to it, as they just trying to make sure that they will reach 5000 points in here so that they will earn good in this Forum.
  6. The thread starter didn't even mention about the rates of this Forum that's why I don't have the interest to visit this Forum because if you going to create a thread make sure that you put all the necessary information so that it will depend on us, if we are interested to join or not, so we won't waste time.
  7. I am sure that you can make few posts daily in here, if that is just your goal because somehow I know that in HYIP Discussion there is always a new threads and there are many other sections where you can make some posting so I guess 10 posts daily should be achievable in this Forum.
  8. Right now, I don't have a clue if I can do some posting again in here especially, right now that I don't have an internet with my Mobile phone. I guess I will just wait for this Forum to get better where members are happy with this Forum because now many members has stopped posting in here and until now they haven't get back yet.
  9. We can see a positive and negative comments about this Forum. I am just lucky that I am not one of the members who have having some kind of issue in this Forum, though I have an account in here because I get interested to do some posting in here, but I haven't started yet, so hopefully things will get better.
  10. I'm happy that I finally reached my goal in here. When I really set a goal I am always pursuing to reach that and going to request for a payment until I reached that number of posts that I set as my goal so even it take me a very long time, it's just fine at least now I have reached 200 posts and requested for it.
  11. I remember before that I got paid in here thru my Liberty reserve account. I think you just need to complete the offer of the Admin that you make a review about this site in Alexa then you will going to get paid with your Liberty reserve account. So, if you want to earn a quick 25 cents then better to sign up and complete the Admin's offer.
  12. Well, I guess all you need is the motivation so that you can keep up your posting activity in here because it's just better that you can maintain your posting activity in here so that you can assure that you can reach your goal in here. It will be really worth posting in here, if you can make profits from the bonus you gathered.
  13. You can't just unsubscribe there and I guess nothing will happen in your other account just because you created an account in mylot. Some members may not really spending a lot of their time in here as they only spend their time in here when they have a lot of extra time to create many threads in here.
  14. Today is the day that I am resuming my posting activity in here. I just hope that I can make 30 posts in here today, I don't have plan yet to post in the three cents paying section because it's been a long time that I haven't posted in here, so I will just keep on posting in the easy section first.
  15. You have received a payment to your account: Date: 3/31/2013 9:35 AM Batch: 138074927 From Account: U9396631 (MoneyTalkVillage) Amount: $5.00 Memo: MTV Payment Thank you.
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