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  1. I rarely see member to have 50 dollars in one payment request. Mostly, they have 10-20 dollars request and you are quite patient with your bonus here and keep on until you've reached your target. Meanwhile, I received mine this week and hoping for this new week for another payout.
  2. I don't have my bonus last month because, I did not have my minimum points. Though, there was delay in the payment but still nonetheless, payments sent. Hoping that this month, I can do better and see if I can have 10-20 posts daily while others are making 30 posts daily.
  3. I have not yet requested again for consecutive months to have payment. Although, I started to become active again by posting this day and hoping to have maintain at least 10 posts in a day if I can handle and considering there are sufficient activities and members active.
  4. Yes, I've checked somehow this new forum. I don't just understand why it still has fewer threads though, the admin might come up with new thread contest. While, I hope to consider it soon enough if I can manage to have add new forums and be consistent in making activities.
  5. It seems its better to be back it's a long time I don't have posts and yet, not request for payments. I've really missed many activities not only in DMT forum but in others which I've found already closed or non paying. Right now, I hope DMT forum will continue and looking forward for good activities.
  6. @budado I'm glad you've managed that. Unfortunately, my plan did not go well. As with the power outage and ISP signal lost and down for two weeks then, I've lost so much time and unable to reach my target. What I have right now is a week and I doubt I can have maximum for this month.
  7. Well, looks like I'm waiting for my payment longer than I'm expecting. Though, I keep on the admin if he is active or making payments recently based on the posted payment proof in the I have been paid section. I wanted to be active here but the activity is not always good enough to be back everyday.
  8. That section is just few threads so, I don't much think that section will be good to be highly participate. Mostly, the section we can focus is in the Forex section less with the forum business and payment processor section. That's what the forum administration wanted for this forum.
  9. Hoping for more threads but it looks like we have limited threads to post. I do post in several sections but I end up still not consistent in my activities. As I want to at least have 25 posts daily particularly if I post during work hours lols. But then, I want to keep increase my activities like before.
  10. There will be limit though and difficulty particularly if you have other priorities as such you are not going to post as much as you want. Yes, MT5 forum is very active forum including the subforums it has. Although, the content of the posts isn't connected or may have less information or simple.
  11. I think in order to have new members or attract more activities is to have offers and of course to have it easily by creating contests and inviting other members. But then, with ptp forum it is not easy to encourage. As always I'm trying hard to remain active despite of difficulty seeing consistent activities.
  12. @budado Oh, crap. I'm really inactive in the forum for a long time. I didn't know that admin already changed the field into PM account. But under the link of Payment for Your Posts, the table caption says Libertyreserve account so, I thought when I request payment I will send PM to admin. Jeez, I really need to check updates.
  13. Simple enough. Though, require of the analytical skills and researching. For sure, if more members will be participating the more difficult to win and come up with the unique prediction since, participants should not have same prediction and so, first come first serve basis.
  14. I'll just do it with my spare time so, at least I can contribute in the forum and have good activities. Yes, it's not much earnings but I just consider that there may be monthly payments in DMT as of this moment or still depends on the admin. Just need to be observant also on which sections are mostly active.
  15. I haven't used to withdraw in instaforex since, I haven't trade in my insta account for quite a long time. That's why my priority right now is to have activity in the forum and to have accumulate capital then start trading. I remember and wonder if they have PM here and also still the same if we withdraw the profits we must verify every trading account every time.
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