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  1. Date: 11/09/2010 18:28 Batch: 48808845 From Account: U1237959 (HYrextalk) Amount: $6.00 Memo: N/A
  2. yeah in just 1hour- 5hour I am receiving my payment here and there are so many opportunities lies here after the first 30 days of your investment here.
  3. Its much more reasonable now to post again in extremesurf because of their rate are getting back to normal again from being cut to half and now they increased it to 3/4 and soon I am hoping that it will be back to 0.01$ per points again.
  4. You have received a payment to your account U0229349 Date: 11/05/2010 15:57 Batch: 48503365 From Account: U5773834 Amount: $0.40 Memo: Withdraw to Aikhen from Gets Gain
  5. Yeah also be sure to check the broker's reputation and if they are doing well because that will be your way to see first if a broker can be trusted with your money.
  6. if you will increase more your activity there you can reach it by tomorrow but be careful in posting there because HT is getting stricer because so many members now are joining them and that's why they must do that to prevent spammers getting around in the forum
  7. really? 50 points is really hard to earn becareful next time creating a thread there I guess the mod are now stricter than before to prevent unwanted problem in their cashflow
  8. You have received a payment to your account U0229349 Date: 11/04/2010 12:08 Batch: 48396693 From Account: U5773834 Amount: $0.40 Memo: Withdraw to Aikhen from Gets Gain
  9. In my opinion you must be ready both in terms of money and emotion. Dealing in forex can be difficult if you are lack on funds, it is more difficult when you are emotionally stressed because you cannot think clearly when the trade goes down. Considering this two factor is very important to be successful in dealing with traders.
  10. Aikhen

    Forex AI

    Does using an artificail intelligent in forex recommendable? I am curious how can they predict or inter act with the real traders today., and what do they do whenever a speculation occur.
  11. really but sometimes I only received 2 ads and that what i dont like.. they dont have a standard ads I hope i can see the same number of ads tomorrow coz I am near in my first cashout here ^^
  12. I am surprise that I receive many ads today.. I receive as much as 9 ads! If this will always happen I would be loving this site so much ^^
  13. Slowly DMT is beginning to take its leap and I am happy now that it reach its members now at 250+ ^^ more activity here in our dear forum means more contest! The rate is good much more in HYIP discussion section and the payment takes only 1-2 days and that is nice!
  14. then do not push your self to post in that forum because the admin may consider your post a spam because as you said you do not have any idea regarding forex, try some other PTP that you can relate on
  15. Maybe that's because there are some few new PTP now and other are begining to search for a new and much more higher rate and activity that's why tcc is becoming less on activity, i guess if they would revise their rates maybe some of their members may go back posting again to them
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