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How useful Forex is for beginners

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Forex trading is really difficult for new traders. Some question answer always need to know new forex traders.

1. What is forex? 

2. How can earn money with forex trading?

3. First, how much invest need in forex?

4. If invest loses then what should we do?

5. How we learn about forex?

So, if anybody know, please give answers.

Thank you..

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The success without practice, experience, and calculated trading plans are near zero. Forex trading is all about skill. Like any other skill, it requires practice and experience. And by gaining experience, traders know how to plan their strategies and apply them accordingly. Practice takes time, dedication and effort. The best way to practice trading is to use a free demo trading account. 

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For beginners Forex can become a major success or a failure too. All they need is to focus initially much on their working and market, sharpening up their skills and gaining as much knowledge they can. Once they start trading into a demo or a real account result may come good if they have kept in mind the basic of Forex working.

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The most important thing for beginners is to use a demo score. When I first started working with a broker from Amarkets, I studied precisely on a demo account, and I want to say that this is really the most important aspect.

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