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  1. I would advise looking for more reliable sources for signals ...
  2. For beginners, trading is a real challenge. As for me, achieving success in this industry really requires attention and experience.
  3. I have been trading for a long time. In general, I started working on the network a long time ago, but I mastered trading relatively recently.
  4. For a trader, I believe experience is the key to success. It is the experience that helps the trader in solving many situations during work.
  5. For me, the broker Amarkets turned out to be a more productive and reliable option. I have been working with this company for a long time, and so far I was satisfied with the results of the work.
  6. The broker's welcome bonus is very useful. It should be understood that such bonuses are a very good chance for development for beginners.
  7. In general, I try not to use robots for work, and even less free ones. In my opinion, this is not the most reliable and productive choice for work.
  8. And I like the broker from Amarkets better. As for me, in terms of work, this option is many times more interesting, and it turned out to be profitable to work with it.
  9. Pay less attention to such messages - my advice to you.
  10. In my opinion, this is a very small bonus size. It should be understood that in normal companies the bonus is paid much more.
  11. I believe that free robots are really not the best option for trading. It is much more profitable to work manually.
  12. Experience in this industry really plays a crucial role. In my opinion, it is extremely important for the trader to understand this and try to gain experience.
  13. I've been in the trading industry for quite some time. In my opinion, trading for many is a really good option for work.
  14. It is really important for every trader to pay attention to training. In my opinion, this is what is really important for every trader.
  15. Alas, during his work in this industry he learned to choose only the best signals - this is really important.
  16. Unfortunately, some companies cannot really use the bonus without replenishing the deposit (
  17. I can only say that not a single ediator can give 100% of the probability of success. You shouldn't even believe it.
  18. Yes, for work it is quite a convenient option, you like it.
  19. Trading is really not the easiest option to work with. This option of earning requires training and understanding of the process of work. I myself have been working in this industry for a long time with the broker Amarkets, and so far I consider this option quite successful for work.
  20. For me, the best broker for the job was the broker from Amarkets. In my opinion, in terms of work, this is a real worthy option that can bring good profit.
  21. Experience in this industry is key. As for me, it is really difficult to achieve a positive result in this industry without experience.
  22. I absolutely do not trust automated trading. I like to work more manually.
  23. As for me, for a more reliable perception of the results of work, you really need to have work limits for yourself.
  24. I think the main advice for beginners is to pay attention to learning. This is a key task for them
  25. During the quarantine, there really was an opportunity to learn how to work well in order to earn good money now.
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