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  1. Honestly, these robots are not the best option at all. I use a broker from Amarkets to work, and I managed to earn quite well without robots and other third-party programs.
  2. In general, the choice of pairs for work is extremely important. It is necessary to be responsible for this, because the results of work depend on it.
  3. I believe that the choice of a trading platform is the choice of the trader himself. Each one chooses a platform with which it is more convenient to work.
  4. In general, terminology for a trader is very important. It is worth understanding that without this it is quite difficult to get the desired result of work.
  5. I usually try to motivate myself with work results. As for me, this is the most important motivation for the trader.
  6. As for me, it is important for the trader to receive the bonus that can be immediately used for work. When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, this option seemed to me great.
  7. The best option for improving performance is training. Only so the trader has a chance to get positive results.
  8. Choosing the right strategy for work is crucial. When I started working in this industry, I realized that the issue of choosing a strategy plays an extremely important role.
  9. Working with the right broker is really very important. When I started working with a broker from Amarkets, I realized this even more, because I was able to really earn well.
  10. Usually, beginners like scalping only for the reason that it is profit. But in fact, this is not the safest option for work.
  11. Fear in the course of work usually only harms the results of work. From experience, I can say that this should be paid attention.
  12. In general, these reviews should be treated rather carefully, and not everything should be believed.
  13. It is very important to be able to properly manage money. As for me, this is a really important aspect for the work of a trader.
  14. As for me, it is very important to learn yourself. I believe that this is very important in terms of work, because so the trader has a better chance of success.
  15. From experience, I can say that it is simply not worth considering something as a key to success. For example, the broker from Amarkets became my key to success. The company turned out to be profitable, and I was able to make the desired profit.
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