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  1. Forex for many traders has now really become a very good main one for work. For work, this is a very interesting option.
  2. Now the real number of brokers is growing every day, the main thing is to find a good option for work.
  3. Forex has really become the largest market for traders, and most importantly, it has become an opportunity for many to prove themselves.
  4. For me, the main thing that I can get with the demo mode is experience. While I focus on this.
  5. In my opinion, it is very and desirable for a beginner to start with a small amount. For example, I started with the Amarkets broker with a minimum deposit of only $100, and was able to achieve a very good result.
  6. What are the guarantees? Or in a situation of loss of money, do you not return anything?
  7. In general, confidentiality is not only necessary in trading. For me, this is an inalienable part of the processes in life, in principle.
  8. I do not quite trust these robots and in general - automatic trading. In my opinion, manual work is more reliable.
  9. In general, learning to trade in profits is far from as simple as it may seem at first glance. I learned to trade with the Amarkets broker, and this option seemed to me quite interesting - you can learn to work with him and make a good profit.
  10. If a trader has experience, he successfully works and earns, why not invest? I think it could make a good profit.
  11. As to me, binary options are not going through the best period. Unfortunately, or fortunately, but now there are more interesting options for work.
  12. For each, the purpose of trading is different things. I think it's best to motivate yourself exactly what you wanted to get when you came into trading.
  13. Traders should always know their limitations and their capabilities. This is the most appropriate option for organizing work.
  14. Starting with a small capital is a rather profitable option. At least I also started with a $100 de-deposit - this is the minimum deposit of the Amarkets broker. For me, these conditions seemed the most profitable.
  15. You should just always control the costs and profits from trading. In addition, in the case of frequent errors, it is desirable to analyze the cause of these errors.
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