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  1. Indicators used by the majority of traders from beginners to professionals;
  2. Before starting trading, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic theoretical aspects that will allow you to develop an effective strategy that brings profit on a regular basis.
  3. At the first stage, it will be useful to find out how other people came to trading, how their path developed, what mistakes they made, what trading methods they used and use, why they abandoned some
  4. A successful trader is disciplined and can minimize the drawdown of his trading account,
  5. Start with a demo account, then a cent one. The main thing is to find an indicator that does not redraw, be patient and start making money. And the main thing is to choose a reliable broker, for example Amarkets, which is reliable and honest
  6. There is no need to mislead yourself that it will be easy for you to trade, and it will be easier for you than the others, everyone goes this way and makes mistakes.
  7. Such advice really needs to be heeded and taken into account.
  8. I also recently visited Amarkets, because the conditions are really made for clients. I want to note the good work of experienced financial consultants
  9. I can say from personal experience that the better you learn terminology, the easier it will be in the future.
  10. It is emotionally difficult to cope with a loss, of course, because we lose heart, but sometimes it will contribute so much profit that we cease to control ourselves.
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