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  1. Many traders don’t use proper trading strategy rather depend on gambling. Gambling can give short-term success. But long-term results may be inconsistent. So, try to develop a good profitable trading strategy through a demo trading account. Almost all brokers like Eurotrader in the forex market offer it to their traders for free. Always start trading with demo account after that invest small money in real account.
  2. The broker provides all kinds of essential tools to forex traders. However, many retail Forex brokers do not yet have either market depth or real volume data. Fortunately, there are still alternatives to these data. Traders can use regular volume style indicators, such as the on-balance volume indicator. Those types of indicators are available on the platform which most brokers like Eurotrader provide.
  3. Forex is a currency exchange market. However, the trader can earn money from trading currencies in the market. It is one of the most popular earning sources online. However, trading isn’t as easy as it sounds. Traders need proper knowledge, strategy, and skill to achieve success in the market. So, I recommend new traders gain knowledge about trading first.
  4. There are a lot of trading strategies in the market scalping, hedging, breakout trading, trend trading, etc. Traders should choose or build a trading strategy according to their trading style and preference. Traders need a profitable trading strategy to make consistent profits in trading. However, many brokers don’t certain trading strategy.
  5. Forex is a trading market. In trading, there is no way to measure success without planning for the trade and developing a strategy accordingly. traders often lose money in the market. It's not a mystery why they lose money, as the vast majority of people do not trade according to plan. Traders need to learn about the market and make a plan according to their trading style.
  6. In the forex market, Robot is also known as Expert Advisor or EA. It's is an automatic trading program created by someone else and is attached to the trading account. Traders often EA in their trading. The robot will enter and manage trade on traders’ behalf, based on the parameters set by the programmer. If you want to trade without any emotion, it is best the option you will get. Also, keep in mind that choose a broker like Eurotrader which platform supports all kinds of EA in the market.
  7. Position size is very important in risk management. The position size of trade refers to the amount of base currency you want to trade. In FX, position size is often expressed in lots, and one standard lot refers to 100,000 units in the base currency. For example, trading one lot of GBP/USD is equivalent to trading 100,000-pound worth 1 USD.
  8. Forex currency comes with a pair. Forex pairs can be categorized into major pairs, cross pairs, and exotics. The major pair contains US dollars as the base currency, is the most used currency pair in the forex market. Cross pairs are less used currency pair than major currency pair in the forex market. Exotic pairs are less liquid currencies.
  9. Greed is harmful to forex trading. Fear can hinder trading decisions or prematurely exit. Conversely, greed forces you to push BUY and SELL buttons in a way that is too risky. That is why greed is far more destructive than simple fear. There is nothing wrong with the desire to achieve financial success in forex trading. But if these greedy desires choke your common sense and drive your trading decisions, you have all those problems.
  10. With certainty Forex trading can’t be predicated and no one is able to control what will happen. Any time you may face loss if you don’t improve your trading skill and if you don’t use any money management. ForexChief is the broker in my trading life who is helping me in increasing my trading profit in this uncertain market by decreasing the loss. They provide different money and risk management techniques.
  11. Trade should expect to win every trade. Many traders are fighting or struggle as a trader in the forex market because of that. The sooner you accept the loss as part of being a trader and develop a realistic plan, the sooner you can start making money in the markets. You also have to find out the reason for your loss trade. Trade can learn many things from the loss of trade.
  12. Technical analysis is a way to study and forecast price changes in financial markets using historical price charts and market statistics. If investors or traders can identify previous market patterns, they can certainly predict future price action. It is one of the two major analysis and another fundamental analysis. The technical analysis is purely based on the price chart of the asset.
  13. The forex market involves currencies around the world, and there are many factors that influence price movements, making it difficult to predict exchange rates. However, like other financial markets, foreign exchange is driven primarily by the forces of supply and demand, and it is important here to understand the impact that drives price volatility.
  14. In order to make a profit from Forex trading, you need to adopt a solid strategy. There are many strategies for trading, but the most important thing is to adopt a strategy that suits you. While in one market, a particular trading strategy will stand out for a particular currency pair, you will find that another approach works for the same currency pair in another market. However, my broker ForexChief allow all kind of trading strategy.
  15. To choose the right trading strategy, traders need to consider various factors such as account size, leverage, risk and money management, and level of experience. FX traders often don't fit into one category or have multiple accounts for different trading styles. In the beginning, it's always good to experiment, but before you jump into the major forex trading strategies, you should master one first.
  16. Swing trading is a strategy of holding positions for days, weeks or months in order to capture market movements in short to medium term. Swing traders combine technical and fundamental analysis to make trading decisions and view daily and weekly price charts. Positions are closed when a previously established profit or stop level is reached, a certain amount of time has passed, or the trend changes.
  17. Every trader has a bad day, but in my opinion, every failure is a stepping stone to success. Even if you have a bad day, make rules, so you don't lose more than you earn a day, you make the average profit. After making a big loss, you can't trade with your head clear. Everything I learn from my broker ForexChief's education resources.
  18. Every forex trader should have a trading strategy. A complete trading process requires an entry and exit strategy. Positions in the forex market are opened to make a profit and the length of time a position is open depends on the desires and margins of the trader. In other words, the trader decides for himself-in his exit strategy-how long his position has been open.
  19. If your economic situation is dire and you are looking for a way to quickly pay the overdue financial debt, Forex trading is not for you. You should consider trading online only if your economic situation is good or can afford to lose invested money. This does not mean that you will definitely lose the money you invested in, but given the risks involved in market trading, all traders may eventually lose the money they originally invested.
  20. The success without practice, experience, and calculated trading plans are near zero. Forex trading is all about skill. Like any other skill, it requires practice and experience. And by gaining experience, traders know how to plan their strategies and apply them accordingly. Practice takes time, dedication and effort. The best way to practice trading is to use a free demo trading account.
  21. The main reason may be that the strong trading psychology distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful traders. If you knew when you shouldn't trade and when you should make the most profit, you might have been able to overcome the fear and frustration of FX trading. Overall, you need to choose your favourite forex trading strategy along with some forex trading pairs to deploy your strategy over and over again.
  22. FX currency rates are determined by futures trading on the interbank market or public exchanges. However, there may be small differences in exchange rates between banks. The value of the currency is affected by global traders (banks, governments, traders, algorithms) 24 hours a week. For example, if market participants consider the euro to be a better investment than the US dollar, the value of the euro will rise against the US dollar. As a result, the exchange rate fluctuates.
  23. Stop-loss level at which the trade will end automatically at the loss cut. Therefore, the loss is limited. You also have to determine the position size of the trade. This should be adjusted for risk (stop loss) and account size. Take Profit level at which a trade is automatically settled with a profit. This is how traders secure profits. A trader should always set possible profit targets for each trade according to their trading plan. My broker ForexChief execute my take profit and stop-loss order perfectly
  24. Forex trading is not an easy way to earn money. A trader's success depends on a market analysis but not a luck-trading. If you manage, you can find a way to enter the market where you can get maximums in a small amount of time. However, pro traders earn 1 to 2% of profits in one trade and 5-10% in the month.
  25. The world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Most developed countries use monetary policy to expand spending and mitigate the effects of lockdown, shut down companies and use other measures that have left a huge number of unemployed. Trading FX is the best way to make money in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. You can really make tons of money trading FX if you have patience and the right guidance.
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