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  1. For example, in my work with trading Expertoption, it turns out to make very good money, the conditions for work are too good, so the profit is not long in coming
  2. always motivate yourself that your profit will depend on your attitude, the better your attitude, the more profit you will receive as a result
  3. well, in general, all beginners start with small capital, only this does not bring the profit that everyone expects, take an example from experienced traders who contribute much higher capital
  4. is it impossible in principle, there will always be some kind of loss in work, there is no way to get rid of it, or is there some other option?
  5. in fact, there are a lot of such materials on the network, very useful infa for beginners, I always advise them to start with this
  6. say everything right, because this is too important an aspect in your work, and the success of the deal depends on it
  7. for beginners, I always advise you to work only with trusted brokers to be sure of your profit
  8. to tune in to a positive result, and to understand that failure will certainly succeed, I work with the same principle on the expertoption platform, although the results are more positive, so there’s not so much anger
  9. used something similar a while ago, the result was a little different than what was expected
  10. you need to try to use what is already there, then with experience you will get what is best suited for you, or maybe you’ll get something
  11. using both gives a chance for a better result!
  12. so everywhere on all demos, this is done in order to increase the chance of registering a real account with a depositso everywhere on all demos, this is done in order to increase the chance of registering a real account with a deposit
  13. each one has his own choice, for me the Expertoption broker is such, it’s convenient to work, I’m sure of reliability, because everything is okay with regard to payments and the work of the account)
  14. too big ambitions, too little clue what they do
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