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  1. try different options for work and choose the best, and you get a good result
  2. Now I work with Expertoption and there are no problems with my work, excellent conditions on which you can and should work
  3. the more you take risks, the more profit you can get
  4. everyone has their own way of making money online, the one that is closest to me is forex with Expertoption, an excellent platform that is constantly evolving on the market
  5. I would bet that this option is so ideal, but to each his own, as they say
  6. Well, I would argue here, since everyone works differently, for example, when I work with Expertoption, I try to combine everything, and the profit is quite good
  7. losses will be in any case, even experienced traders fall into a losing streak
  8. everyone has their own easy learning option, but for others it will be too difficult
  9. The main thing is to choose a broker where all transaction services work reliably and without delay in withdrawing funds
  10. now all normal brokers offer their traders the opportunity to work on a demo account, for me the best option is a demo from Expertoption, the functionality is very wide, this will give a good opportunity for any newbie to try both himself and the platform
  11. the best advice to any beginner is to start working only with a reliable broker, otherwise you will simply have a bunch of problems in your work
  12. if we take trading into account, then the profit cannot be stable, because there is always a risk of loss for any transaction
  13. in general, in fact, nothing complicated, if you have a desire to figure it out, for example, the supports of the Expertoption broker helped me a lot, they are very smart guys
  14. what is the difference between profit in forex and normal profit? spend everything like any money
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