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  1. in general, this is what beginners should do - to start with the simplest and then try something more interesting, because experience is still too important in such work
  2. such errors can be counted even more, because everyone has their own
  3. all the same, there is nowhere without losses in forex, experienced traders understand this and take it for granted, because this is how the market is arranged
  4. experience has always been important in any activity, not only in forex, because it is both confidence in work, and better results as an outcome
  5. well, it's really true, free options don't work from the word at all, so don't waste your time
  6. all the same they do not work like that, many simply do not understand what they are doing at all, and there really are such
  7. to have more confidence in your work, you should choose a reliable and high-quality broker for yourself, for me this option has been Expertoption for two years already, just top!
  8. well, it is always worth keeping balance and not merging everything at once, although the risks are also justified
  9. well, in general, everything depends on the beginner himself, after all, the attitude decides too much
  10. it is always worth developing your horizons and gaining experience, follow the news of other brokers and the market itself, and improve your results
  11. well, it's not that personal rules are straightforward, it's more worth saying that you just need to have your own approach to work, with which it will be both convenient and profitable to work
  12. in general, beginners should try the simplest options for a start, so that they understand what they are doing and experience in the future
  13. to make it easier to work, I can say with confidence that it is the choice of a broker that is important, because this is both the reliability and confidence of the trader himself, I myself work with Expertoption, excellent conditions and the work of managers give their advantages, well done guys
  14. well, after all, most of the terders still ignore many aspects of their work, then they just lose their money and go into negative territory
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