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  1. The fact in forex trading is that prices are available to deal 24 hours daily makes certain that price gaping is less and makes sure that traders could take a position each time they desire, irrespective of time, even though in reality there are particular lull occasions when volumes tend to be below their daily average which could widen market spreads. Means whenever a price leaps from one level to another with no trading between. My broker ForexChief is Trader-Centric - They believe that retail traders are as valuable as institutional traders, and they deserve the same benefits. They treat everybody fairly: when you trade with our pure Agency Model, there is no conflict of interest and no discrimination - their trading conditions are the same for all clients.
  2. This is the very common nature of human being that they think business is only for men. But the world is getting change. Now women are also leading in any sector. Same in the business sector. But the difference between normal business and forex trading is that women even a housewife can do this business. My wife also doing forex trading like me with the same broker called ForexChief. Using their wide range of advanced marketing tools, boost our traffic with their customized widgets, tracking links, banners, live charts, and sentiment indicators and more. As we enter a new era of trading, They will continue to leverage from the latest business and technology transformations globally in order to innovate further and lead by example.
  3. For getting success only good trading knowledge is not enough. Basically, good trading knowledge, work hard and keep good patience are also very necessary for successful Forex business. In my whole trading life, I have seen that most of the Forex trader just invest huge money but don’t learn anything. This is not right process. With the reliable trading Company if you can work you will get proper educational facility, good trading environment and exert assistance.
  4. One of the hardest businesses is Forex trading in the world, but traders found it very profitable and they invest their money without knowing anything about this business. Very easily they even frustrated about their business because as per their expectation they can’t earn but lose much. As a successful Forex trader my suggestion is that don’t lose your confidence by facing any loss. But you should take it as a lesson and work to overcome the loss.
  5. The broker who don’t restrict any kinds of trading techniques in their platform but give proper and necessary facilities and services for their clients in my sense is the best and reliable broker. There are three different types of Forex brokers and they are – ECN broker, STP broker and Market makers. I choose the best ECN trading broker for my trading and they are very well- known because they don’t restrict any kinds of trading strategy.
  6. If as a trader you can acquire good trading knowledge, work hard on what you learned, make good experience and develop your trading skill and intelligence with proper confidence success will surely come in your life, there is no doubt in those words. Mostly traders don’t work in that rules and they can’t achieve success but blame the market as gambling. But I got proper support and facility from my credible broker who give necessary facilities and services.
  7. On Forex market success depends on different keys. If you can work on those keys you can easily achieve your trading success. Controlling the emotion, working hard, acquiring good trading knowledge, never give up and making good trading plan are the most important trading keys that the Forex trader should apply in their trading life. I always work with the stable and reliable broker who give me exert trading assistance.
  8. In every business you have to work very hard on achieving success. But most of the time traders who invest their money on Forex market think that earning money would be very easy form this business but they didn’t work hard. As a result, they got nothing but get loss. But the reality about Forex trading is you need to work and acquire good trading knowledge. So that you can make your successful trading career.
  9. When you doing Forex trading you can’t depend on the luck. But there are many people who depend on their luck and believe that they could make good money by depending on their luck. But in live trading there is no existence of luck. If you really want to trade successfully you need to work very hard and do not depend on the luck. Acquire knowledge as much as you can possible.
  10. In any business risk is common factor. If you want to earn good money from your Forex business, you have to take risk. Because without risk there is no one who have earned good money even the experienced traders also face loss in their career. I also take small risk in the beginning of my trading career. But I am lucky that my broker supports me a lot on handling my trading risk by giving me risk managing tools.
  11. Gee Dee


    Trading is very easy for me now with my broker ForexChief broker through their epic educational guide which is seriously useful and helps in trading nicely. They exclusively use spread markups that came out wider than the competition and it is variable. They allow traders to set up an account with a limited amount of assets. Customer support from them is exclusively provided through their sophisticated online facilities. They are member of compensation schemes to ensure that my funds are further protected. Their support team is active for 24 hours a day that I can get instant support.
  12. I can consider ForexChief as my best broker due to exclusive trading facilities that are very supportive to be a profitable trading life. They are best suited broker for me. Their commissions and spread are the lowest you can find in market. They provides its services through several account types and through several trading platforms. They offer many more services to traders than discount brokers do and these services don’t come cheap. My broker is completely regulated and ensures my fund safety with higher level of security. More than this it has an active customer care service system. The cherry on the top is I got fixed spread on major pairs. They are very much supportive and facilitate their traders with many kind of necessary services are deserved to recognize and suggested by their clients.
  13. Forex trading operations are hard to oversee operationally. This is on the grounds that the Forex market works constantly whereas people don't! Therefore, traders need to resort to calculations to ensure the estimation of their speculations when they are away. On the other hand, global firms have trading desks spread all over the world. Be that as it may, that must be done if trading is led on an extremely huge scale. Therefore, if an individual doesn't have the capital or the know how to deal with their positions when they are away, Forex markets could cause a critical loss of significant worth in the evenings or on ends of the week.
  14. Whatever FX risk management strategy you use, in the event that you are keeping up long-term trading relationships in foreign wards your FX exposures will require nonstop checking. Foreign exchange rates are affected by the political, economic and budgetary fortunes of the markets they work in. A decent FX specialist organization will have the option to give you access to economic information, schedules and exchange rate data.
  15. Forex markets give the most extreme leverage. The word leverage consequently suggests risk and an outfitting ratio of 20 to multiple times infers a lot of risk! Given the way that there are no limits to the measure of development that could occur in the Forex market in a given day, it is conceivable that an individual may lose the entirety of their interest in only minutes on the off chance that they put down profoundly leveraged wagers. Novice speculators are more inclined to committing such errors since they don't comprehend the measure of risk that leverage brings along!
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