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  1. No business is free of risks and you are required to learn a lot before you would be beginning to enter the Forex Market.
  2. Risk Management is the skil which is very much essential for the Forex Trading. You are required to learn it through constant practice and achieve success in your trades.
  3. Forex Trading is a good way to make money online, but it comes with constant practice and never ending learning.
  4. Risks is going to be all the time in the Forex. So, ig you wish to survive in the Forex Market, you must obtain certain skills, one of which is the Risk Management.
  5. Daily Profits would be possible, you could success if you have proper knowledge and experience abotu the Forex Market to achieve success.
  6. Think the losses, as your stepping stones to make profits. You never lose in forex, when you lose money, you gain experience and when not, you get profit.
  7. You must invest with small amounts and later you could increase it, after you would have the confidence and desire to make more money, you would be able to make profit consistently.
  8. You could spend as much you time as you want, but real knowledge starts with the real narket, real money (though little) and improvises your trading skils.
  9. Yeah, Demo is very much useful but it involves fake money and hence the traders becomes overconfident and trade in real market and lose a lot.
  10. Forex is nothing like Gambling, you need strategies and skills and knowledge to achieve success in the Forex Market.
  11. Leverage is the utilized of borrowed funds for increasing one's trading position beyond what would be available from their cash balance alone. Forex traders often utilizes the leverage to profit from relatively small price changes in currency pairs.
  12. Yeah, learning through Demo is the best for acquiring the knowledge of the Forex Market Structure, but it ends there, you cannot learn making money through it, you need to do real practice for that.
  13. Demo would be the best way to learn about the Forex Market Structure and if you really wish to make money through it, you must then begin with small investments in real Market.
  14. Leverage is neither good nor bad inherently . Leverage would be amplifying the good or bad effects of the income generation as well as productivity of the assets in which we invest.
  15. Demo trading is only helpful in learning the Forex Structure and if you wish to learn about real market, you must do small investments to learn it better
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