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  1. That is been really good post to see a good trade. I have never trade with Divergence but looks like help to me such a informative video for trading.
  2. The post might help those who are not having clear mind regarding price action with EA. But There are many strategies which we can use for trading. EA are helpful tools for many traders and always useful.
  3. We all know the beauty of Forex, we can make money at home, if we are able to understand the market condition and able to make profit with our trading strategies that we have develop.
  4. There are many traders in the market who are working for many years and having a good trading career with Forex. But not every one who enters in the market is able to make a good amount of money with Forex.
  5. Forex is platform which provides everyone a way that anyone can join here and make money, all you need is skill and knowledge. To survive the market, you have to be very skillful and knowledgeable that you can work here.
  6. There is no easy way to be consistence in Forex work. You have to struggle for what you really want. There is no short cut for being rich here. Learn and earn is the simple rule, keep learning you will get success.
  7. Risk management is what helps us become self-sufficient traders, but without controlling your emotions, you have no chance. Understand that when bad things happen to us in the markets, it is not personal, it is not someone out to get you.
  8. Forex trading is probably one of the most profitable sides hustles you can grab today. You could take any decent strategy, be it based on technical or fundamental analysis. Risk management is what helps us become self-sufficient traders.
  9. Forex trading is not that easy otherwise everyone would be succeeding and making tons of profit. Most Forex traders lose money at first until some figure out how to learn from their mistakes, but even this sometimes does not work out.
  10. FOREX can be profitable, in the short-term in the medium-term and in the long-term. To make a profit through Forex trading , first you have to know how to trade wisely and you also need a trading strategy.
  11. Most traders focus on strategy and they try to harness the movement of the market. This is an impossible task. Look at the market differently and you will be able to handle the volatility and uncertainty that you encounter.
  12. Don’t focus on finding a strategy which wins all the time or a system which somehow predicts future price movement. None exist. Focus your effort on understanding how those who run the market operate so you can enter and exit the market with a net profit. That is what is important.
  13. Forex will provide you every facility for earning money, but for that your knowledge and skills must be there for understanding the concept of the market. Managing the trades are the most important things to be profitable.
  14. Nothing comes easily and free, for every work we have to struggle and it takes time to get knowledge of it. So as a newbie, we must follow rules of market which are learning first, before we come to real trading.
  15. Believe it or not that everyone wants to earn more & more money by various means. In the present digital world, you can earn money in various ways. Foreign trade is one of the easiest ways in which you can earn money.
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