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  1. Many brokers are providing webinars for learning purpose of their traders who are trading with them. So it is good starting for a broker that they think about their traders and helping them.
  2. Why one should need funded account for their trading, you can start with small account also. I have seen many traders who are working on 5 dollar account and making profit with that also.
  3. You can have a blog related to Forex, where you can share your knowledge and Forex details. That can be a good income source.
  4. That is right, as a newbie a trader must have some knowledge of the market and how to manage it so that he or she can knew about how to react and control the situation when the market is not in our hand.
  5. Every concept which is related to Forex is important. Selecting a broker is also important and having tight spread is also important. We should keep learning because Forex is all about learning and developing ourself to be good person as a trader.
  6. Loss is part of every business and job, so we have to handle them with our ability. Nothing permanent, so as losses. The loss will teach you that how you can improve your trading and do your best to be profitable next time.
  7. I have never think that Mistakes are for sham issue and we should fill guilty about it. If you face the mistake then learn from it and try to understand the reason behind the mistakes so that you can avoid it in future.
  8. For me moving average is the very highly used indicator in my trading life. It is always there with my every pair charts. I think every other trader is using it for trading analysis.
  9. I agree, Forex is one kind of investment which we have to take care and follow rules for that so that we can make profit from it. It is invested in currency form so it is related to our country origin.
  10. Right, Forex is the business which can change a person's mind , behavior and way of thinking. Because while you are trading,as a trader, you think a lot and manage many things that can change your mental way of thinking.
  11. We all want the same that we never had loss in Forex but the reality is, we face loss most of the time because of many reasons. To stop this we have to follow the rules, that can help us to improve our trading.
  12. To be successful, we have to understand that market is not easy and we have be decisions maker that can work for our trading and we can make profit. Not easy but also not impossible.
  13. As a trader we should focus on one thing, looking for so many things for investment and work is not going to work out any how. It will make us confuse, be focused what you really want.
  14. Every trader in this market, is facing challenges because of the risky market and unpredictable movement of the market. So as a trader, we have to be prepare for every ups and down of the market.
  15. It is important for every trader to have knowledge of Forex before you start live trading. Newbie must develop skills for trading so that he can survive the risk and get profit with trading.
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