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  1. Forex is risky business which can give you good amount of money at the same time you can have loss too. It depends on how you are going to handle the market and want to make your money to invest.
  2. Your confidence will make you more strong for the next trade. so always keep your mind stable that you can trade for future also and have same hard work, that can help you for your profit.
  3. Always choose broker with your own knowledge and trading experience. Never go for any promotion ads and references or suggestion from others.
  4. Always use good tools which you can understand and help you for your trading. There might be many suggestions for helping, use them , try them but pick one which really help you.
  5. Forex profit depends on a trader that how he is managing his money and trading as per his strategy and analysis. Not every trader of the market is profitable every time in the market.
  6. Trading is depends on the analysis and strategy that we have, so we should work as per our trading skills. There is no exact number for trading in week and trades we use to work.
  7. Gaps and Holes, happened to every pair of the market. They might big news which created the gaps or the monday morning always change the market opening with gaps.
  8. Forex trading might be a good income source if you take it seriously and work hard on it for making money with it. Nothing comes easy in life, you have to struggle for it.
  9. To make a profit through Forex trading , first you have to know how to trade wisely and you also need a trading strategy. You need to find one that best works for you and then carry it out.
  10. Discipline is the ability to be patient to sit on your hands until your system triggers an action point. Sometimes, the price action won't reach your anticipated price point. At this time, you must have the discipline to believe in your system and not to second guess it.
  11. Trading full time is reserved for those who understand what it is to be an entrepreneur. You are on your own, the competition is fierce, and you have no safety net. If you can’t handle losing, you will never make it as a trader.
  12. If you have been around the trading and investing circuit for any amount of time, you have undoubtedly heard the statistic that 90% of retail traders will fail and not make any money. There is a ton of research and speculation as to the exact reasons why.
  13. We all have different trading strategies and according to that we actually work in this market. Trading indicators are also part of this work and as per our choice we select the indicator for our trading style.
  14. A good trading plan will be the best portion of trading which guide you what to do in difficult situation of the market. Your trading plan will help you for every stop point of trading.
  15. That is been really good post to see a good trade. I have never trade with Divergence but looks like help to me such a informative video for trading.
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