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  1. As of today, offshore platforms are much more profitable.
  2. The fact that Forex is now more and more conquering the market is indeed true, and it has become much more trusted.
  3. I have repeatedly seen that I really made the right choice in favor of the broker Amarkets, where they will arrive at 0.2 points and the leverage is large.
  4. In principle, of course, there wasn’t much movement on the weekends; indeed, sometimes the positions remain open.
  5. When we all came to the forex market, we were all newbies, so I don’t think we should avoid it. Just competently approach this.
  6. All the same, it seems to me that it is very difficult to get rid of fear and completely disconnect from risks.
  7. The last news I learned from watching a video from Amarkets is that the ruble and oil fell a lot.
  8. Knowledge is valid, without which trade will not be effective.
  9. Anyone who thinks that this is a similar direction will probably never work on Forex.
  10. Some beginners are afraid to take a step and switch from a demo account to a real one.
  11. Learning to control emotions is necessary so that in critical situations they do not affect the main position of trading.
  12. I agree that really confidence will grow into self-confidence, because it is really very bad to affect the results of trading.
  13. The trader gets the opportunity to learn how to develop and at the same time earn money.
  14. The most important aspect of success in the forex market is daily work and training.
  15. Not so long ago I have been working with Amarkets, but I already felt the advantage, and even received a bonus of $ 500 for a replenishment of $ 500.
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