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  1. Knowing your limits for a trader is simply necessary. Otherwise, the trader may go too far and lose his funds.
  2. So far, the most reliable, to which I have no questions, was the broker ExpertOption. As for me, now this is a really good option.
  3. I believe that the trader should use the strategy that is most understandable to him, and thanks to which he manages to earn. This is the right option.
  4. It is quite important for a beginner to receive advice from experienced traders and try to apply them in the process of work. When I started working with the broker ExpertOption, I often read similar topics.
  5. In general, any emotions in trading can affect the result. So, in this regard, you need to try to always be careful.
  6. For a beginner, starting a small capital is the best option. At least I work with the broker ExpertOption, and so far I consider this option to be the most successful.
  7. During the pandemic, forex became the option for work that still allows you to earn money. In my opinion, this is a really important aspect.
  8. I work with the broker ExpertOption and try to always monitor the results of work. For a trader, analyzing the results of his work is really very important.
  9. In my opinion, robots for trade, especially free ones, have absolutely no meaning, because the earnings from them are not at all the same.
  10. As for me, a broker with whom you work also depends on a lot. For example, I work with the broker ExpertOption, and this option suits me in all respects.
  11. The main thing for beginners is to understand the essence of work and have at least minimal knowledge for work. This will give them the opportunity to work and develop in this direction.
  12. Defeats and losses are very bad of course, but without them there is also nowhere. This is the most obvious example for a trader, as for me. He himself began with the broker ExpertOption, and it was the losses that became the impetus for development.
  13. For me, the broker ExpertOption turned out to be a great option for earning money on the network. The option is quite simple and reliable, and most importantly, it brings money. I was quite pleased with him.
  14. In fact, earning with Forex is quite simple, the main thing is to have the knowledge and desire to work. That's the key to success.
  15. The best option is self-control. You need to understand that besides yourself, no one needs it anymore. And then either you learn or you lose money.
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