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  1. As for me, now trading is a really good option for earnings, which can allow a person to earn good money.
  2. For beginners, the main thing is to use a demo account for work. When I started working with the broker ExpertOption, I started with the demo account.
  3. As for me, long-term investments can be really interesting, especially for experienced traders.
  4. I believe that it is always necessary to start with a small deposit, because this will help to save funds.
  5. I believe that the trader really should try several brokers for work. At least I tried different companies and chose the broker ExpertOption, I am pleased with the results.
  6. I believe that you can earn a lot more manually. At least, in my experience, I think the manual option is more real.
  7. To use such a strategy, you need considerable experience, and most importantly, knowledge of how this will affect the results of work.
  8. I try to test the selected strategy on the demo account of broker ExpertOption. Only after that can I use this strategy to work and profit from it.
  9. I consider the winners of those who were able to get regular good earnings.
  10. For me, forex, on the contrary, turned out to be a great option for starting work. In my opinion, this is one of those options that really teaches a lot.
  11. I believe that such a set of tools everyone chooses for themselves, but the roughly standard includes indicators and advisers.
  12. The ability to understand the essence of the market is quite important. If the trader got it and can work with it, it's great.
  13. I believe that forex is the most optimal option for starting a successful career.
  14. I work with the broker ExpertOption, and I can say that you can earn much more manually. Absolutely did not like atomatic trading.
  15. I try to use the strategy to work after I try to work with her on a demo account.
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