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  1. The most important thing that a trader gets when working on a demo account is experience. It is through experience that a trader can make better decisions in the future.
  2. Now there are a lot of good companies, but you should not immediately pay the bill. I usually start with a demo bill.
  3. Now there are really plenty of strategies, but the main thing is to find a suitable strategy for yourself. And check better on demo account)
  4. Training and practice is extremely important for the trader. These are really aspects that should be given as much attention as possible in the process of work.
  5. For me, low spreads are one of the key factors in choosing a broker. At least it really affects the outcome of my work.
  6. From my experience, I can say that it is better to teach terminology in advance, because this is an important aspect for a trader.
  7. I believe that these are really important tools for trading, the essence of working with which you need to know.
  8. Usually brokers earn on commissions and other trifles, mainly due to the volume.
  9. Before starting to work with any strategy, I tried it on the demo account of the broker ExpertOption, and only then I tried to use it on the main account.
  10. I started working with the demo account broker ExpertOption. As for me, for the initial stages of work this is a good enough option for training.
  11. Honestly, I didn't even think much about it. What matters to me is how I earn, not how the broker earns:)
  12. I would advise you to really study all the issues that relate to the terminology of working on forex, so as not to return to them in the process of work.
  13. These are quite interesting tools for work, here the main thing is that the trader correctly assesses his capabilities and the capabilities of these tools.
  14. From my experience, I can say that starting with a small amount is the best option for a trader. At least I would recommend paying attention to such options.
  15. There are a lot of options for earning money in this industry, here everything already depends on the trader himself - how he will be able to realize himself.
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