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  1. not all books that you can find on the net are useful for a trader, so make your choice carefully
  2. the market never stands in one place, and this is what you really need to watch out for if you are trading
  3. it all depends on which broker you work with, for me the option of reliable work now is Amarkets, this is really the broker that deserves the attention of traders
  4. patience is not subject to everyone, many simply cannot tolerate the beginning and all the training, and they simply abandon this business
  5. many useful tips can be given, it's a pity that not many traders listen to them
  6. Unfortunately, not everyone can make money with this option, and it is not suitable for everyone
  7. all the same, not all of these courses will be useful for the trader, because now much of this is just slag
  8. in fact, there are not so many options for brokers on the market
  9. why not try many different options and choose the most convenient for yourself?
  10. I also work with Amarkets and I completely agree that these guys have demo with really good functionality that allows traders to try a lot
  11. everyone has this moment in different ways, but basically this is exactly what happens, because few people agree that forex is an easy task
  12. I believe that training in itself is the best option that will bring you good work results
  13. this is all true, only I consider this moment one of the main in the work of a broker
  14. demo is actually a great way to get started for beginners, I can point out a good version of a functional demo from Amarkets, a really worthwhile option
  15. look for the option that will give you reliability and quality at work, everything else will depend only on you
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