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  1. if you work according to your personal rules, then you can get great work results this way
  2. training in forex is really very important in working as a trader, for example, I work with Amarkets, and here you can get excellent webinars on your questions at work
  3. all the same, forex, like other occupations, educate a person in what new qualities, so it is useful to deal with different options for work
  4. For beginners, the main thing is to understand how forex works in general and that when it is used correctly, everything else will come with experience
  5. you should also understand that quick profit is never stable, therefore it is better to work according to a different principle
  6. From my own experience, I advise beginners to try out the Amarkets platform for themselves, an excellent option with good bonuses at all stages of work
  7. to understand the market, and in general what works, it just takes more time to practice to get more experience
  8. and who will say what? How did the investment turn out in the end?
  9. each trader has his own preferences for working conditions, but in general it is worth paying attention to all of them
  10. as for me, if you think about it, then all the same, most of the first makes the wrong choice, and only then, with the experience of mistakes, they already start on the right path
  11. look for the option with which you will feel the most reliable, especially this is related to payments
  12. I have long chosen a broker for myself, this is Amarkets, after all, this is an excellent option for any trader, the conditions are stable, an order of magnitude better than those of competitors
  13. and this is the right way to work, because without checking, you can easily drain your deposit
  14. all the same, not everyone understands that a demo is very important in a trader's work, because you can try both strategies and your own options for work
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