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  1. it all depends on what broker you are investing with and on what conditions, I have been working with Amarkets for a long time, this is really a top option for investment
  2. I would not say that forex is such an easy way to make money, a lot of people simply lose their money here from not understanding what and how to do
  3. it all depends on your deals and ideas that you use in your work, the profit will depend only on this
  4. you can only work on a demo by practicing both yourself and the platform, maybe some new ideas for work, there is no other point
  5. the main thing is to use everything correctly in your work, then there will be no problems
  6. the main thing is to study and practice more, this way you can improve your performance, and you also need to work with the right broker who will not bother you, for me Amarkets has long become such an option, excellent conditions and sensible supports will always help with any issue
  7. you can improve your performance in trading only by learning and gaining more experience with practice, so you will have better understanding and, therefore, better results
  8. in fact, any trading offers can be checked if desired, perhaps there are good working options
  9. in forex, all things have their pros and cons, the main thing is that the trader can correctly identify them
  10. in fact, it is not so difficult, if you make a choice only among reliable options that have been on the market for many years
  11. now there are really too many brokers, the main thing is to correctly understand what is written about them, and not to be carried on with all sorts of nonsense
  12. to be satisfied with your work in forex, you need to get the maximum profit from your trades, and to get it, you need to have the right approach and strategy
  13. For me personally, the best option for work has been Amarkets for a very long time, so far I have not met a better option, so I advise you to try it, you will not regret
  14. with this approach, the main thing is not to play too much, and in general it is more profitable to use different approaches and strategies in work
  15. before starting any work, you always need to find out about it the more the better, because knowledge solves too many issues
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