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  1. 5% for forex rating upon transfer, good lord, thats a lot, im already suffering from the 4% rate lol. but over all withdrawals never failed with hf anyway
  2. I wish every one a blessed 2021, its a good start lets keep it up. still keeping an eye on the eu.
  3. that goes with out question, if the broker is bad and you have the knowledge, u invite misfortune, the same goes vise versa, they are intertwined with each other, and in my almost 10 year trading with hotforex, i can safely say, the learning process never ends.
  4. very nice, keep us updated and good luck happy holidays everyone
  5. will this mean that the hotforex logo will be on the jersey of psg?
  6. spreads are a good factor in choosing a broker, but over all the broker should be well balanced and offer good services
  7. yeah and they do offer btc transfers as well. thats a good step for the future, crypto is gaining popularity recently
  8. well its not a new situation, brokers come and go, good ones stay and last, bad ones disappear, and its up to us traders to be wise about the brokers we choose, I trade hotforex and they work for me for years now, so why bother change right?
  9. motivation, i would say family, and of course trying to make that extra for a better living condition, brokers i cant say they are motivators, since for the most part its a give and take business relationship...
  10. tbh there is not much to complaint about, trading is going good, though got side tracked lately due to everything thats been going on, but its good to have a couple of extra pips to spare in these dire times. speaking of hotforex nothing out of the ordinary, like they do continue to do really good and i have been trading with them for years.
  11. saw the review page, pretty much alright, and hotforex is a good broker anyway for years now
  12. one thing for sure, the flow of time wont stop, so doing something iis better than doing nothing, we still have to earn that extra buck. especially now a days
  13. I cant say much about contests, i think its good, but i dont focus on them much, i try to keep my trading as simple as possible focusing on what works. but they do have very good contests, i think the 10 yrs anniv promo is going on.
  14. an easy 9/10. im leaving 1 point out for future updates. but they are legit 100%
  15. I think its safe to say forex is a business in general, might not be traditional but it is a money generating schheme over all. that has higher risk involved more than most anyway. hotforex is a good broker, and i dont hope u do take it slow and smart. u seem to be on the right path anyway. good luck
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