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  1. Good advice for those who are a little confused in this matter.
  2. I have never had any problems with the withdrawal of funds on the Amarkets broker and takes a few minutes
  3. Stability means that the percentage of income is constantly increasing.
  4. Automatic trading is suitable for those who still do not know how to control their emotions and are not very disciplined.
  5. Confidence is one of the ingredients for successful trading.
  6. I do not believe that you can trade without having a single loss at all.
  7. Indeed, there are such recommendations when they offer to try several brokers in order to make sure of the correctness of their choice.
  8. Risks will always accompany you during trading, but it depends on you how you can control them
  9. As for me, the Amarkets broker is very suitable for beginners due to the fact that there are specialists, good trading conditions.
  10. Strive to develop your discipline and make it as good as possible
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