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  1. Here is how we use RSI (Relative Strength Index) in Forex market. We see RSI indicator numbers ranging from 1 to 100, and if SI is above 50 it is up, if it is below 50 it is down. No ray, buy if it is below 20, sell if it is above 60.
  2. Most the the new traders come in Forex with the hope that they will become rich quckly so they only join forex and start waiting for results to make money. But they do not do hard work and even have no knowledge and skills. So as a new traders always learn the basics and develop trading skills and after it start making money.
  3. If you plan on participating in forex trading, one tip you should follow is to always be cautious of all insider information. You should never base your decision on this information. Instead, you should wait for the market to let you know if your own information is correct. When a trend develops, jump on it!
  4. In the forex market, it is up to you to decide which pair you will work with or which pair you will be more successful in trading. You continue to trade by analysis and see which pair your analysis is more successful. You should trade in the pair in which your analysis will be more successful. And if you can analyze gold properly, you can make a good profit from it.
  5. Scalping is a popular method in the Forex market. You need to have a lot of experience to trade in this way. However, I can not say whether skilled and successful traders scalping in the Forex market. Scalping requires a lot of time. I am a student so I can't spend so much time in Forex. That's why I trade long.
  6. If your choice of a broker is wrong then it is not possible to make good profit. So always choose a broker with good trading features and qualities.
  7. Forex really needs hard work and effort to make good profit with it. Demo trading and educational material can help a new trader to become a successful trader. Always trade with demo account first if you are new and want to step in the forex market.
  8. Forex spread can be very from broker to broker so always trade with a broker having low spread.
  9. Having a good plan and strategy always help a trader to make good way in forex and can achieve his goals of trading. Always make a plan and strategy and start trading.
  10. A demo account is a kind of trading practice account. they helps us increase our knowledge about trading.they allows you to practice day trading with a widly range of financial instrument.
  11. 1. Through demo trading you can learn different forex techniques 2. You can test different trading strategies 3. You can identify the reasons for your loss and correct it 4. You can test the effectiveness of a new EA or indicator.
  12. In fact forex trading not easy and all the people think that forex is money machine but in fact this trading may give you huge money but after learning the secret of the earning .forex trading attract all the people to trade and achieve their goals but after training and practice on demo to save their money and survive.
  13. Forex is a good and very excellent business and if you want to get good and maximal profit in it you must learn it before start and should gain good knowledge and skills.
  14. Forex is a good option to make money for your living but always remember you can not succeed in forex if you have no knowledge and skills.
  15. Do your trading first. This is the strangest and most dangerous time of the market right now, and trading profitable for current trade risks (such as the possibility of hyperinflation) is not a safety net. Three weeks is not enough.
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