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Its already january 2 and the points system is not yet activated. I guess this site will not going to be a ptp after all. I'm really hoping that this site will be a ptp forum. But I guess admin has done its again. Its turn the site to non paying twice already so he already have an history of this. But still back in my mind I'm hoping that this site will be back and paying.

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CFF forum is now back as a paid to post forum with good promotional posting rates, here is the details of that annoucement


Pay Per Post Rates And Policies [Promotional Period]


From today, CFF is a paid to post forum for 6 months that is 30-07-2012


We have increased the rates (Doubled) as well. New rates are as follows


* For each post you make in the appropriate sections of the forum, you will be rewarded 0.02 CFF Cash that is equal to $0.02 USD.


* For each unique thread you start in the appropriate sections of the forum, you will be rewarded 0.04 CFF Cash that is equal to $0.04 USD.


* With Cash Find Forum, there is no limitation for how many posts and threads you start each day. You can post and start UNLIMITED threads each and every day (No thread throttle at all!) So Keep Posting At The Cash Find Forum !!;-)


* The minimum Cashout/Payout limit is 2.00 CFF Cash that is equal to $2.00 USD. So as you reach 2.00 CFF Cash, you can request your payout/cashout processing in the appropriate section of the forum i.e HERE: [Payout / Cashout Requests ]


Your Cashout/Payout request thread should be in the following format:



Thread Title :Your username - 1st request


* Member : (Your username)

* LR Number or Okpay Number : (LR Number / OKpay User ID / Number)

* CFF Cash : (Your CFF Cash Amount To Withdraw)




1. One member should have only 1 thread

2. You have to post payment proofs to at least 3 different forums where CFF threads are. If you have requested next payment request without doing this, CFF 1.0 will be deducted automatically. Make sure you put forums names when requesting your payment.

3. Payments will be made after "Post Rechecking Process" by our Staff for any spams/rule violations post that weren't issued by our Staff before. In this process, we may deduct the points in the current payout request of the member accordingly.

4. Any spams and wrong doings from any member will cause a permanent ban without any prior notice

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I only post 25 post every other day or thrice a week in here. that means I can only manage to post 75 post total a week in here. I know its not even 2 dollars worth of post. But I will try to increase it as cff activity increases also. I'm hoping to get paid soon and taste my first proof of payments this year.

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Dear members, As promised earlier, we are back as a Paid to Post forums with exciting new rates. We have doubled the rates, yes it's true.. Check out: http://www.cashfindforum.com/forum/announcements-info/370-pay-per-post-rates-policies-%5Bpromotional-period%5D.html Hope you have blast. Keep posting at CFF. Regards,CFF promotion team.

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It's bad forum


My account post payment proof in HYIP box, and was banned account since 09/01/2012

But more member (and monitor) post proof payment in HYIP box, and now still is normal, no banned account, nothing happen with Your account

But my account is banned


details here:


user: monlist post proof payment today






user: tdvhp2000 post proof payment today






user: hyipfactory.com post proof payment today


It's bad forum, not fair for member :)

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I'm surprise that I suddenly slow down in posting in here. I don't know what happen. But I think I just forget to return in here after I got paid. lols. Right now I will check how much is my post in here and if I reach my second payments so that I will going to request for my second payments. I really don't know why I suddenly forgot to post in here for three days more or less as I usually post in here every other day. So that means two days worth of post I forgot in here.

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Well I am glad that more posters are getting interested in posting in this forum, also they announced the winner in the contest, I somehow realized that it was not a good contest after all.

if you're disappointed with the decision of the admin give? if I did not and instead I have a strategy for that. I'll do a post right in the order of 200 without posting on the order of 101.hopefully my right to do this and get a prize of three dollars

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Good to know that CFF has had interesting contests with attractive prize money worth three dollars, it is not bad, actually, I am glad to hear that the payments now are not only to Okpay but we can also cash out through LR, which already brings many members back.

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i still not make posts in here, and i hope i have more time to spend in this site so i can make a lot posts and also earn from here, so far they are doing fine, and for recordshyip why not send PM to admin or send email to him so he know about the problem of yours and it will solve your problem here faster

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I haven't resumed my posting activities in here but I am glad to see that more posters are coming in to post and make this forum active.

why not? we got paid last time we request payments in here. I think your the first member who got paid in here. Anyway. I'm near my second request of payments in here. Just post in hyip and ptp section and since theirs no limit post per day. I guess you can post 30 post daily in here.

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It is very clear this forum is giving very low cost per post.Its really hard to keep activity there because of very low activity of members . now the forum dont giving any credit for payment proof posting so i am fully depend on ptp section to collect my point but its really tough because of getting reply too quicly.

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I want to thank you for yourinformation if this is really true, the mods should put this thread to a section for scammers, in order to warn members. Also, the rates are low, I don;t think, they can attract a lot of membersas well as new workers those are looking for smart forum which payment is high.

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