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  1. For me its not right to compare bots to manual trading because for me its must be about automated trading vs manual trading. If you have bot it does not mean you have automated trading. Problem is that many thing bots are AI which is not. Bot are simple program that we can use as tools to trade in forex. Its has the same level as having a customize indicator.
  2. For me its not a question of how much since I trade base on the market volatility. So if the trend is moving sideways then I am sure I will have hard time trading. I only make money if the market is volatile. So I can't say how much I earn on daily basis. But I can say I can earn 20 dollars a week on average on each account that I have.
  3. Trading is my daily routine so I guess theirs no need for me to dream on forex trading. I realize a lot of things in forex trading right now and that is money is really good if we just focus on learning and then earning. I don't mind starting with limited funds. In fact in so many years I spend more and more of my time learning and trying to earn and hoping that some day I will become a successful trader.
  4. How can that be a mistake? The main reason why they are called newbies is because they are still new in forex trading. So of course they have no or limited knowledge and experience yet when trading in forex. That's why its never a mistake since no one is born to have experience and knowledge in forex trading. We all started as newbies and we all going to experience .
  5. I'm trying to start all over again. My main goal and objective is really to build my trading accounts and I started with just 5 dollars in instaforex. Yes its just 5 dollars but I do hope I can maintain sustain it until I reach my goal of having 100,000 dollars trading capital. Its really take time but for me its really worth it since for me forex trading is all about developing.
  6. If we really want to take learning seriously then we need to study forex trading the properly. Its good if we can afford to invest in learning by like attending forex trading seminars and so on. I do bought a lot of learning materials when I was a newbies and attend forex trading seminars as well.
  7. So far all brokerage that I joined has demo account that I can join. I think its not a question if a brokerage has demo account or not. Its a question is their a brokerage that does not have a demo account. Because I still don't encounter one that does not have a demo account at all.
  8. I joined this but I did not win. lols. I am dreaming to make some good income with 5,000 dollars winning money I can make good income with forex trading capital. Money is good in forex trading for me so every inch of additional funds is really worth it. But sad to say I did not win. lols. But still its good to see neteller having promo from time to time.
  9. Its best that before we use paypal we spend support asking if that site is properly registered in paypal. Sites need to have business accounts and not personal account in paypal. If paypal founds out that they violated some rules usually they end up suspending that site paypal account.
  10. Theirs an update in the chat box that payments will be done soon. I hope our request of payments will be check and updated soon so payments will come. This will really going to help mtw bounce back and become active again. The site activity is some how slow down simply because of long wait in payments. So I seldom post in here also. But still do visit the site from time to time without posting.
  11. I do love to invest in forex. Right now forex trading is my main objective and I do hope that in the long run I can really enjoy having more and more profit each month. I am happy with my achievements right now. In two to three more years I can surely become a good earner. Forex trading is my way to success in life right now.
  12. Leverage is simply a term use in forex trading in which we offer our trading capital as our collateral. That's why the higher the leverage the more lot size we can trade. And since our capital is our collateral the higher the lot size the lower our margin will be resulting to much higher risk in getting SL.
  13. If I have lots of money I will go for stock trading. But right now I prefer to take some risk and invest in forex trading. I do much feel safe in stocks trading than in forex trading since in stock trading theirs no margin call. Since you get a company share. But in forex trading I still not find a single broker site that actually exchange real currency.
  14. I am trying to reach 5 dollars worth of post in here then request payments then wait to get paid. I do still believe that its better to have late payments than to have no payments at all. Money is good if we can earn good in here. I am sure that in two to three more years I can really enjoy making good income still in here. I hope so.
  15. When do the last payments done in mtw? Its seems its getting slower and slower in term of paying. I do have pending request of payments in here. Its only worth like 5 dollars and I seldom post in here again. I am more active in dmt than here in mtw. I do hope that theirs going to be payments soon in here so that dmt will have payments as well.
  16. I do post in here from time to time. But not most of the time. At most I can do is post 20 post a week in here. Theirs also some week that I don't post much and theirs some week that I post good number of post. But one thing I am sure I like this forum simply because its a forex forum.
  17. I'm happy that each month I do earn about 25 dollars or more in here. I do hope that I can maintain and sustain my trading accounts in Mayzus. I do use the funds I do earn in fxfred to trade in mayzus. I really love fxfred since its a forex broker site sponsored forum. In which I can earn not only by posting but by trading as well.
  18. Forex is my full source of income right now. But it does not mean that I am a full time trader. Simply because I can't be consider a full time trader if I am not paid per hour. I am an investor in forex trading and not a trader who getting paid by banks or financial institution or by someone else so that I will trade.
  19. This is totally wrong assumption. Leverage ratio is base on our trading capital not on lot size. So you can't say that a 1:100 leverage has 1 to 10 cent value per lot size. Because you can't put a value on a leverage. In fact having a cent account, a lite account a mini account a micro account has different effect and value even if you use he same 1:100 leverage.
  20. Its time I open a trading account I invest 50 dollars. And that 50 dollars I want to make sure that I can turn it to 1,000 dollars in a year. After that each month I cashout 25 dollars profit. That's is my trading plan on each trading account I have. I also try to open more and more trading accounts than increase my lot size.
  21. I already have 11 active forex brokerage right now and have 32 total trading accounts but I am hoping to open another account in this brokerage so that I will have 12 brokerage over all. But same time I'm thinking that I am already over expanded so I think I will going to open a new account in here next year and not this year.
  22. I already reported this thread as non paying forum and I do hope this thread be close also. Its frustrating that their so few paying forums anymore and when I see an active thread I am hoping that its a paying forum only to get disappointed so I do hope that this thread be close also.
  23. Theirs none. Our post is paid by its worth and not because its has some connection to trading. If your post is senseless then why will DCP pay good amount for your post? So its important that we understand the topic at hand in a thread we are posting if we want to have good value to our post.
  24. Can you support your claim that theirs a problem in here because of payments request? Theirs no such problem in fxfred. I do earn minimum of 25 dollars a month in here without any problem and this forum is supported by mayzus a well establish brokerage.
  25. I guess its better that this thread be close. Its so frustrating that pending request of payments in here has been deleted without information its members that it does not pay anymore. A site that does not have an honest admin for me is pointless and useless to be in.
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