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  1. Displayed User name:rockstar Amount to request(DMT points):200 payment option Liberty Resserve ID:U5967348 waiting For your early responds,
  2. Making money is possible by PTC but not lot of money because some site provide very low cost which is not saficent as spending time in optc site,if you can find out some high payment site it may be good but should be ensure first about their payment.
  3. I think it will differ person to person only because of understanding the right procedure,some times i feel comfotable but some times not,to work online sometimes we need to depend on lick where you are unable to do whatever you want.at the last moment i can say this is much easuer than other business.
  4. I am just about to join in this forum,their payment is really high which is so attracting to all specially to me,just have a look this site seems to to me great one,i don't know about its admin even their payment timeing,well let's see this forum.
  5. This one really good, i saw lots of froum packing out only because of the proper planing and good care,but about this forum i can ensure myself that our admin has nice caring to us so that we can work here honestly,still have this believe about this froum.
  6. I am a current user of this site so far i heard about this site its totally safe and the admin is also a good guy,as if i did not get any negetive imprassion aboout this site so i can't say it not good,it seems to me that it is really one of the good forum ever i worked.
  7. When i heard about this site i took a step to look it clearly and thought what should i do after not getting enough evedience or payment proof for working with trusty,i think i should wait some time to look it again very carefully.
  8. I would like thank you for sharing such a beautiful site but i didn't understan it realy, this is the 1st time to see this site and this method , if there is some one who tryied it befor and get paid please share in a view to getting influence.
  9. To me personaly its a great news,i was looking for such a good froum where i can share my views and get some experience too,this froum is also giving good payment.as far as i learnt about this froum this is not too bad we can work here safely.
  10. I think i will work here and i like to look closely on this forum and see if it's not run by the admin of marvelous forums who just want to populate their forum,it has lots of corner to disscuse about those topic and make money ,this is really good site.
  11. After informing about this forum I have joined this site today with his hope that I will be active here but it is looking quite difficult for me to get an early payment because all the topics here are related to the forex in which I have not so much knowledge about forex even after that i am trying to be ere.
  12. I want to thank you for yourinformation if this is really true, the mods should put this thread to a section for scammers, in order to warn members. Also, the rates are low, I don;t think, they can attract a lot of membersas well as new workers those are looking for smart forum which payment is high.
  13. I got some news about this forum my friends told me it pays high. But then I realised you need to talk forex here. And yuo cant just spam any forum if you do not know what you are talking about. So I quit. People in forex are really active there,now i am also getting interessed here to work.
  14. It is really wondering news that is to know that this forum isn't a forex based discussion forum,but i want to express my regrets of not being able to participates in this forum activities,since payment processors are limited to only paypal,and currently,my country isn't accepting paypal.the admin should take a positive step to solve this problem.
  15. This is one of the nice forum whiich one getting better day by day and I can see members are very active nowadays. There are more members joining in the forum because of the great contests and prizes awaiting for LOT members.Although this is some what difficult for me after that its a vvery good site for work.
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