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On 1/17/2021 at 6:49 PM, Namu said:


of course there are many ways of working and facilities that can support traders to be able to achieve everything, because management and control are very important, so it will be very easy, so learn the way of trading work carefully so that when you enter a real trading account and take advantage of it. the bonus given by FreshForex broker will be easier to manage

Agree, my trading was greatly helped by the bonus given by Freshforex. The bonus can be traded so that the opportunity to reach a profit target is even greater.

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To become better investor they should know about the broker policy as well as their stability and they should gain more knowledge about the trading system with poor knowledge it is quite  impossible to be succeed and they may practice by demo. If you ask me what should you do? I recommend to you about the FreshForex trading policy.  



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On 5/18/2021 at 8:22 PM, gds221 said:

Now there are a lot of different advice, as well as advisers. But for a trader it is more important to understand the essence of the trader's work and the possible options for improving the results of his work.


of course there are several ways of working as well as performance that must be understood and studied properly to make trading even more mastered, so take advantage of some trading performance by continuing to study and understand all the facilities so that they are more mastered and get big profits when entering a real trading account at FreshForex broker

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21 hours ago, nanamage said:

We must carefully choose a broker with good credibility, because of the security problem of our funds, be careful with scam brokers such as prime4x from Cyprus who bring their members' funds.

We will have to do our trading so that we can start getting the Profits from our trades on a Regular basis.

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On 5/30/2021 at 1:30 PM, Vaabum said:

There are already so many tips in this industry that you only have time to read them. Honestly, it is more important that the trader himself understands how to work, and not listen to various tips.

The main and the most Important Tip in the Forex trading is to use Money Management in all of our Trades.

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17 hours ago, Vaabum said:

Tips in this industry should always not be taken immediately. It should be understood that sometimes the same situation should be solved by completely different methods.

We must try to understand this fact that if we will follow the Forex Trading Tips then we will be able to get the Profits.

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