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  1. We offer a true ECN, A-Book Broker model approach. Our clients can expect optimal trading conditions in the financial markets. We are a Non Dealing Desk broker. We have no conflicts of interest in our clients trading activities. We succeed when our traders are successful and look forward to building long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our platform is optimized and well suited for Automated Trading/ Social Trading/ Expert Advisors/ Scalpers/ News Trading / Breakout and Swing Trading. All strategies are allowed on our platform. Storm FX Markets traders will have the edge with any trading strategies deployed on their accounts. Storm FX Markets offers a dedicated PAMM service for Investors to have their funds managed by professional money account managers. If you are an account manager or investor, please look into our PAMM services. We host a state of the art social trading platform, where traders can copy each other’s portfolios automatically. If you do not have time to trade in the markets, this platform maybe just for you. At Storm FX Markets we offer a very completive leverage of up to 1:200. Our spreads start from 0.1 pips on Spot FX Pairs in our ECN PRO Account type. Trade orders are rapidly filled, with lighting fast executions over our interbank connectivity ECN Network, which is provided by our tier1 technology provider. Traders can expect the best spreads and fast order fills, with no requotes ever. Storm the FX Markets with a world class broker. We look forward to building great business relationships with our trading clients and look forward to working with you soon. Website: https://stormfxmarkets.com/ Metaquotes Servers Currently under testing. Users will not be able to access the client portal until the first week of February 2022. We are raising broker awareness and looking for Introducing Brokers. IB Affliate Conditions: Tier one receives 5 USD Per lot from referrals on Mini Account. Tier two receives 4 USD Per lot from referrals on ECN Account. Tier three receives 2 USD Per lot from referrals on ECN PRO Account. if you would like to become an ib please email the support team on the support page of https://stormfxmarkets.com/support or email us directly at support@stormfxmarkets.com
  2. Dear clients, The year 2021 has become rich in events in the world markets. We followed with interest the performances by Elon Musk and the space flights of Richard Branson. In anticipation, we watched the rise in energy prices and the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. Our company has increased the number of clients who managed to monetize these events, closing the current year in profit. And our team did everything to provide clients with a sea of ??opportunities to increase their capital. Let's remember what the year 2021 was like on FreshForex: we've updated the list of instruments and added stocks of well-known companies: #Netflix, #Pfizer, #Zoom, and 55 other stocks from the NASDAQ and NYSE exchanges, as well as 12 new cryptocurrencies, etc. Now clients have access to more than 200 instruments for trading on any of the five types of accounts on both MetaTrader trading platforms. Over the year, the number of instruments has grown by 30%! for 7 months, clients could trade without paying a commission for the transfer of positions to the next day (swap) for different groups of instruments. This promotion was especially loved by our customers - this is evidenced by the numerous reviews received by the support service. We will definitely continue to delight you with such promotions. Now you can trade stocks without swaps until January 31st! our clients began to deposit in new modern ways — Tether, Litecoin, and many others. But we have not only added new payment methods! Until the end of January, you will receive extra +5% of the amount of cryptocurrency deposit to your account balance. by popular request of fans of algorithmic trading on cent accounts, we have added a new type of account — ProCent — a cent account with a floating spread and 5-digit quotation. we continue to reduce the trading costs of clients — we have reduced spreads for cryptocurrencies and indices on accounts with floating spreads. For example, for some cryptocurrencies in our trading platform, the floating spread has been reduced by $30 per lot, and the swap has also been reduced to 25% per annum! Moreover, we provide one of the most profitable leverage offers on the market for cryptocurrency trading — up to 1:100! want to deposit 100 USD, and trade for 300 USD — no problem! Clients received the fairest drawdown bonus — 202% instead of 101%! leverage on ECN accounts before the weekend is no longer decreasing. Clients are no longer worried about margin requirements going up on Friday: take it easy on the weekend and return to trading on Monday. those who like to trade stocks can hold pending orders until they are canceled (Good till canceled). Previously, they had to be installed daily. Now it has become much more convenient. fans of contests were able to rejoice at numerous prizes with cost of thousands of dollars! we also sent you advisors and trading strategies throughout the year, as well as opened access to the channel with trading signals and closed analytics. We often notify about such promotions by e-mail. Additional tools helped our clients earn even more! recently we have lowered swaps for 30 instruments and reduced floating spreads on two account types. 2021 was such a crowded year. Keep conquering the markets with FreshForex!
  3. As I recognize that also have numerous the trader is wealthy although the forex trading they make the buying and selling at the forex and also because they have got make the trading in here, make them can be given the wealthy on their lifestyles even though the foreign exchange and cause them to have greater time to spend to the foreign exchange
  4. Anxiety and melancholy are common things in every commercial enterprise so in forex commercial enterprise it is quite simple. I suppose there has been no trader who has no anxiety and depression while they start trading. It's authentic that after your open change goes to lose that point your mind is fulfilled with fear and it's far very tough to be able to make a choice and too much anxiety and depression are coming for your thoughts. My concept is to no longer be irritated at that time. Attempt to take a great decision with a cool mind.
  5. I am informing all other guys that they are very good for low spreads where if anyone want to take maximum level of leverage ratio then they should use FreshForex broker as they are now giving 1:2000 ratio leverage.
  6. I just reviews your website where I saw that you are offering very less leverage ratio so it's very tough for scalper cause they always need high leverage like I can see huge scalpers are using FreshForex broker since they are giving 1:2000 ratio leverage
  7. From my point of view FreshForex is much better than HotForex since they are offering very low facilities for their customer where FreshForex is offering all the latest facilities like 1:2000 ratio leverage and up to 300% deposit bonuses.
  8. I can confidently deal on the FreshForex platform with an EA. Their platform has the fastest execution with a clear chart, current news, and technical analysis. So it is the best option for me trading in the market. Also, I am satisfied with their payment service too. Overall FreshForex broker are professional and transparent to me.
  9. Hello, I just knocked you on Telegram so kindly response me there where my username is @jamalmolla3 or if you wish you can write to me here.
  10. First of all I would like to give you one thanks for your great services but for me I am a bit confused that can we do this from Bangladesh or India as sometimes I go to India so kindly let me know about this issue.
  11. I can see that you are offering buy sell crypto via your website where I need to know that can I transfer funds to broker like I want to deposit in FreshForex broker by PayPal so can you help me to do that?
  12. I just read your whole content where I found everything very good so people can trade with your broker. However you should decrease your spread rate a bit since this is a bit expensive for new comers.
  13. InstaForex is absolutely a great broker for Asian people but for Europe or Middle east county FreshForex is very popular even now they are going to elaborate their business to Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.
  14. Everything looks good except minimum deposit cause newcomers don't try with 10$ so kindly change it for traders. However if we Google for some minimum deposit broker then we will find FreshForex one since they accept just 1$ for minimum deposit.
  15. The NFT ecosystem has continually grown since the birth of decentralized finance (DeFi). Developers and artists have swung into the fray to create digital Art and collectibles for marketers and advertisers to purchase in order to promote their brands. So, if you are wondering where to buy digital artworks and collectibles, you're in the right place. While there are lots of digital Art sellers on the market, NftMedi seems to be one of the outstanding NFT platforms. What is NftMedi and why should you buy from the platform? What Is NftMedi? NftMedi is owned by an artist. The artist has done incredibly well in his artistic career. He has carved a niche for himself by selling AI-generated Art on the NFT market. Since the inception of NftMedi, the artist has continued to offer value to a wide range of art users. Instead of attempting to craft your own digital art, you can turn to NftMedi to get the best-in-class digital artworks from a professional. Why Buy Digital Art From NftMedi While the NFT marketplace is huge and laden with a lot of opportunities, only a few NFT sellers are outstanding. Thankfully, NftMedi is among the outstanding NFT sellers, and here is why: AI-generated Artwork While other NFT sellers sell ordinary artwork to those that need digital content, NftMedi sells AI-generated Art. In essence, NftMedi uses artificial intelligence to generate all the artworks displayed on the platform. In the digital age, you need smart content to engage with, and this artist has proven to be that partner you can trust. Quality Art NftMedi only sells quality AI-generated art. Since the start of the business, NftMedi has not had instances where buyers request for refund or cancelation due to inferior products. Additionally, NftMedi offers robust customer support and will leave no stone unturned in resolving any challenge you may face. On Time Delivery As soon as you place your orders, NftMedi will deliver your AI-generated Art to your location within the shortest possible time. There are no delays or bottlenecks of any kind. The date and time you see on your screen is what you get. If you are passionate about buying AI-generated art from this artist, feel free to follow NftMedi on Twitter via https://twitter.com/NftMedi. You can also reach out to NftMedi if you are in doubt of anything, and he will respond to your concerns as soon as possible.
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