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  1. MASS is a basic infrastructure layer that provides consensus services to different public chains. A US-based team launched the MASS consensus engine in September 2019. The project's goal is to create a consensus layer that is fair, permissionless, secure, energy-efficient, and universal. The MASS consensus engine uses Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol to create a sustainable and strong Layer 0. MASS Net is one of the first public chains to utilize the MASS protocol. The team behind MASS is the MASS community. The community is an online, non-profit, and open organization whose primary go
  2. Are you looking to start a forex trading career, or as a trader, do you want to enhance your trading experience? Then look no further than the Osprey FX trading platform. Osprey FX is a leading ECN trader where you can trade on liquidity (stocks, cryptos, forex, and commodities) from the best investment banks and other financial institutions across the world. The company ensures all orders are processed directly through their ECN trading environment. Reasons To Trade With Osprey FX? The following reasons are convincing enough for you to trade forex, stocks, commodities, and crypto
  3. Nothing is easy way and it should be fairly understood part. All we should be aiming is do something worthy even if it’s hard, so at least we benefit reasonably. I do just that and it’s rather simpler for me via eInvestment platform to help with things. I feel it’s very comfortable for me via great diversified investment products to pick from and have great performance thus far. So this to me is one simple and doable method of generating income consistently and steadily.
  4. My advice/suggestion or whatever you may wish to call is to always stay relaxed and calm during any situation. I don’t really have to be overly concern about it at all with making a reliable investment at eInvestment. A platform that is well-known for its greatness and supremacy. A transparent system with high yielding investment options, it’s something that is very cool and something that keeps your overall desire possible to accomplish.
  5. Yeah, it is quite achievable but only through proper way. It’s must to be understood that there are no shortcuts here. So we need to be very careful with the risk management. One of the highly worthy investment fund for me so far has been eInvestment platform. With the High Yield Investment Options, it is very pretty and secure. It is to do with the fact that they are properly licensed and that is the reason behind sense of comfort for the majority including me.
  6. All set to move towards buy. I won't be waiting till IEO. Why should we be waiting when we can get at lesser price? It's common sense only to buy early…
  7. Did you ever regret for not having the opportunity to invest in bitcoin and make huge profits like other lucky investors? Well, it is not good to weep over spilled milk sometimes. Opportunity, they say, comes but once. Like you, a lot of people failed to invest in bitcoin either because they did not hear about the coin on time or they doubted the prospect in the business. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to right the wrong. Today, HEX presents you that opportunity to be an early investor and make hundreds or thousands of percentage gains when the coin grows. Why should you inv
  8. It’s obvious really. It’s very hot in China because the government has finally realized the importance of Blockchain and Crypto, so they are working on enhancement, which is why it’s such a hot property right now
  9. No, it's supported by the Chinese government, it's not created or run by them. The guy you are looking for is Gordon Gao, he is a genius.
  10. After the Bitcoin Halving that took place recently, it has got the market done but it’s very early to say about the possible direction of the market ahead. Right now, I focus on options that I am comfortable with and keeps me secure as well. https://medium.com/@dsdaq/how-to-maximize-your-profit-without-selling-crypto-holdings-in-bitcoin-post-halving-market-d88a4cedbb09 My choice is based around Dsdaq, a truly revolutionary creation. Its collateral-based trading solution enables me to be easy with any situation and also able to bring out best outcome for myself.
  11. Are you looking to trade the forex market speedily with one of the best international forex brokers? Then you are in the right place. Trading the forex market just got easier with a dependable forex broker like CWG Markets. CWG Markets is a leading forex broker across the world, providing opportunity and a platform for traders to trade different financial instruments, including crude oil, forex, index, futures, and precious metals. CWG provides best-in-class institutional services across Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and other great countries of the world. Plus, they offer extre
  12. Hello, dear traders! The Best Forex Strategy 2020. Only Real Accounts Monitoring http://westernpips.com/myfxbook_monitorings.html Was used Westernpips Private 7 Software - this is a full-featured trading Multiterminal for latency arbitrage with built-in algorithms for automated trading on any forex broker without opening Meta Trader 4/5 terminals using the technology of direct trading access to servers through a TCP connection. Unlimited opportunities open up for you on the options of connecting fast/slow broker in any combination. Trade and fast quotes on FIX / AP
  13. Seeking a dependable broker to kick-start your trading career? Then you are in the right place. A broker can be the difference between trading financial instruments successfully or taking a loss after each trading day. Hence, you need to partner with a reliable broker. When you take a look at the financial market, there are hundreds of brokers offering top-notch services, but one broker that has all the trappings to enable you trade gold, forex, oil, stocks, indexes, metals, energy, and cryptocurrencies is Alternative Markets Division (AMD). AMD is one of the leading
  14. The world has seen various pandemics throughout the years. However, this particular one, Corona Virus 2020, comes at a time of high levels of international travel and trade. Globalization has brought people closer and also made financial markets more interdependent. These two factors have contributed in making the Corona Virus 2020 the latest detonator of the current financial market crisis. The Corona Virus 2020 was first detected in China, in the Hubei province in December 2019. It quickly spread to a number of other countries taking the local epidemic to a global pandemic.While the Chi
  15. Even in this era, the concept of blockchain technology in relation to the world of finance is still very novel to many people. While many are familiar with blockchain as a kind of digital currency, EQ Token is taking it all to the next level by making use of blockchain technology to address the various challenges that come with crowdfunding. The brand is focusing particularly on equity crowdfunding. For many entrepreneurs out there, the best way to raise funds for their ventures is by making use of any of the countless crowdfunding platforms in existence. Kickstarter is a very good exam
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