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  1. you say everything right, because such a process will bring both pleasure from work and good profit, and what could be better?)
  2. if these are really professional courses, then yes, but I always advise people to learn everything new themselves
  3. just work with reliable trading and other services that have already been tested by time and you will be happy! For me, Expertoption has been such trading for several years already, in addition to reliability, I would like to note very intelligent supports
  4. this is not an easy way to earn money, I would even say more difficult than any
  5. As for me, the most important thing is to work with a reliable broker! For me, for example, this is Expertoption, I have not met any risks with payments! Everything is safe!
  6. I completely agree with this point of view, because any loss or mistake in work is a great experience for the future! which means the results will be better!
  7. you should not use everything at once, the main thing is to correctly apply one or another indicator!
  8. calculate your income and expenses, this is the only way to find balance
  9. for each such indicator, you can see the description, there would be a desire to browse the network
  10. never trusted such an infe from the public, mostly it doesn't work
  11. I always motivate myself that my profit will depend on the result, it works)
  12. working on the platform from Expertoption trading I use different strategies, as for me, it is more profitable than sticking to one
  13. any even an average trader will tell you that this is impossible, losses have always been and will be, without this there is nothing, but this is a great experience for the future
  14. Well, in fact, it is, not everyone has been doing this for a long time, but those who are trying more and more, and without any knowledge, they just fly by with their money! while working on the Expertoption platform, I met such people, then they complain, although the profit with this broker is very good, and the payments are simple, so first get into the essence of the matter a little, and then try
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