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  1. do not think about it at all, but think only about the outcome of the transaction itself and correct your mistakes
  2. in general, bonuses from brokers are a very pleasant thing, the main thing is that these bonuses can be realized in the future, and this already depends on the broker you have chosen
  3. always be careful and do not look for beautiful advertisements from any broker, this is often a hoax!
  4. the point is not even in the strategy itself, but in your personal approach to trading, the result depends on this more than on the strategy
  5. that's right, training in trading is a very important thing, it will give you good results from transactions, for this it is very important for beginners to gain knowledge and experience
  6. For me personally, the Expertoption broker is an excellent option for today, the conditions are profitable, and various bonuses are always pleasing, so I advise you to try
  7. the demo was made not so that you could earn something there, but to test yourself and the functionality of the platform
  8. in general, I rarely use them, and when so, I try to use different options, so I get better results from transactions
  9. everything is correct, in any case, when choosing a broker, the choice must be made correctly, otherwise you will simply lose both money and time
  10. in theory, all these tips are suitable for beginners, those who are more experienced are looking for answers to questions themselves
  11. yes, I am quite satisfied with my income, although there are those for whom trading is already the main income without other options for work
  12. The demo is generally a great option to try yourself, the platform, and various strategies!
  13. For me, an excellent option for today is the platform from Expertoption, this is really the option that is suitable for both a beginner and an experienced trader, and the conditions are very good for high profits
  14. making money online is generally an interesting thing, for example, I work on a platform from expertoption, profitable conditions, reliable payments and intelligent managers give excellent results at work
  15. all that is needed for success in trading is knowledge of the work itself and a reliable platform, everything else is a matter of second
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