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  1. This is the trading recommendation for USDJPY pair on November 14th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: buy within 149.556-150.716 Target profit: 151.894 Next target profit: 153.965
  2. This is the trading recommendation for GBPUSD pair on November 14th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: sell within 1.22562-1.23322 Target profit: 1.21801 Next target profit: 1.21252
  3. This is the trading recommendation for EURUSD pair on November 14th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: buy within 1.06761-1.07181 Target profit: 1.07600 and Next target profit: 1.07741
  4. Sure thing! Yeah, the Forex market is huge, and it keeps going, giving traders some cool chances. Technical stuff like moving averages or RSI helps figure out where prices might go. Getting the hang of it can be a bit tricky, but if you get the basics, you're set for handling the currency market like a boss. Keep learning and digging into all things trading – I use online trading education tools from FreshForex to keep growing in this trading world.
  5. Apart from low spreads, quick orders, high leverage, and minimal slippage, other important conditions for successful scalping involve having a reliable internet connection, a responsive trading platform, and access to real-time market data. Efficient execution and fast decision-making are super important for scalpers, so being in a stable environment and understanding market conditions well is a big deal. It's also crucial to choose a broker with good customer support like FreshForex, because quick assistance can be a game-changer in fast-paced trading situations.
  6. Scalping can be profitable for some traders, but it also involves high risk due to the quick and frequent trades. Success often depends on skill, strategy, and the ability to manage risk effectively. It's good that you've had years of practice and are confident in handling it. Remember to stay informed about market conditions and continuously refine your approach. FreshForex is a solid choice for traders who use trading strategies during news releases and for scalping. To make scalping strategies profitable, customers can get Rebate bonuses and receive compensation of up to 20 USD for each closed transaction.
  7. People trade forex for various reasons, including the potential for profit through currency price fluctuations, portfolio diversification, and speculation on economic and geopolitical events. The forex market operates 24/5, providing flexibility for traders to engage at different times. Additionally, the high liquidity of the forex market allows for easier entry and exit from trades. However, it's essential to note that forex trading carries risks, and individuals should thoroughly understand the market and develop sound strategies before participating. And always be careful when picking a broker, don't fall for shady broker schemes like the case of the scam carried out by the crazy rich guy from Surabaya, Wahyu Kenzo. He got caught up in fraud and violating ITE laws regarding the Auto Trade Gold (ATG) trading robot. Wahyu allegedly made around IDR 9 trillion from scamming people with the ATG trading robot.The victims amounted to 25 thousand people, and it's not just in Indonesia, it even reached overseas. Wahyu lured ATG members by promising profits of up to IDR 40 million with just an internet connection and a smartphone.
  8. Your trading strategy seems methodical and structured. By analyzing the primary trend across multiple currency pairs and timeframes, setting price alarms at key levels, and considering potential pip movements, you're incorporating a comprehensive approach. Monitoring the news calendar for volatile events and using The Forex Heatmap™ for entry verification adds a dynamic element to your strategy. The simplicity, relying on basic trend indicators and real-time visual confirmation, is likely one reason for its effectiveness among many traders. This daily routine minimizes the need for constant monitoring, making it a practical approach for those looking for a more time-efficient strategy. With a good strategy, make sure to pick a reliable broker and avoid falling for scam brokers. It's crucial for aspiring traders to be cautious and do thorough research before choosing a Forex broker. There are various broker rating categories on the WikiFX platform. Here's the top 10 forex brokers in the Dodgy/Scam category as of October, 2023: 1. eXcentral 2. OctaFX (Clone/Fake) 3. Binomo 4. Aximtrade 5. BTC Dana 6. Olymp Trade 7. MRG LTD 8. Headway 9. Stockity 10. Kato Prime
  9. It's true that success in the Forex market requires careful consideration of various factors. Choosing the right trading account is indeed a crucial decision, and understanding the nuances of each type is essential. Traders should align their choice with their trading goals, risk tolerance, and experience level. Whether one opts for long-term or short-term trading, thorough research and consideration of account types contribute to a well-informed decision in the dynamic world of Forex. at FreshForex, there's this Classic Account, and it's like the top pick for those diving into Forex trading. You get over 130 tools, crazy leverage up to 1:1000, and you can throw in orders as small as 0.01 lots. Oh, and they stick to fixed spreads for currency stuff in this account.
  10. Choosing a broker depends on various factors like your trading preferences, assets you want to trade, and your location. Just so you know, FreshForex's server is close to major trading market servers, forming a reliable liquidity provider network. When important financial news comes up, instant order execution is guaranteed for customers (Market Execution) within 0.05 seconds, with narrow spreads and optimal prices.
  11. This is the trading recommendation for GBPUSD pair on November 8th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: buy within 1.22773-1.23533 Target profit: 1.24293 Next target profit: 1.25252
  12. This is the trading recommendation for EURUSD pair on November 8th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: buy within 1.06733-1.07153 Target profit: 1.07573 and Next target profit: 1.05333
  13. This is the trading recommendation for USDJPY pair on November 8th: Based on Margin Analysis Trade signal: buy within 149.227-150.379 Target profit: 151.550 Next target profit: 154.099
  14. Money management and risk management are crucial aspects of successful trading. Risking a specific percentage of your capital per trade, like the 2% you mentioned, helps protect your overall investment. Setting a maximum exposure limit, in your case 4%, ensures you don't overextend yourself. Adhering to these rules is essential for long-term success, as it helps minimize the impact of potential losses. FreshForex offers a comprehensive education system with online courses, video tutorials featuring expert commentary, and various special materials on trading, including knowledge about risk management and principles to enhance discipline in trading.
  15. Demo trading is indeed a valuable tool for gaining experience in the forex trading business. It allows beginners to practice and refine their strategies without risking real money. I'm using a FreshForex demo account to sharpen my analysis skills so that I feel more confident when I start trading with a live account.
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