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  1. You can get review for tenkofx at https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/10654/www.tenkofx.com As I know this broker established 2012, included old broker
  2. FXOpen broker invites you to take part in a Forex contest "Classic without borders 2". We increased the number of winners to 40 and the prize fund to USD 3,000. Don't miss the great opportunity to show your Forex trading skills with the use of classic trading instruments and get real prize money! Registration is already open. Terms of the contest: Dates: January 22 - February 2, 2018 inclusive; Registration: has already started and will remain open until January 28; Initial deposit: USD 1,000; Leverage: 1:500; Trading instruments: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD,
  3. “Classic without borders”: a new demo competition for enthusiasts of classic trading instruments FXOpen broker and ForexCup project invite traders to take part in a new Forex contest on demo ECN accounts “Classic without borders”. The contest will be held between November 20th and December 1st, 2017. Registration is already open. Terms of the contest “Classic without borders”: Dates:November 20 — December 1, 2017; Registration: has already started and will remain open until November 25; Prize fund: USD 2,000; Winners and rewards:10 best participants will be rewarded the
  4. Get ready to take part in the most exciting Forex contest and compete for the real prize money! The Contest "Heroes of PAMM" is held on real PAMM accounts. The 2nd stage will be held between October 2nd and December 29th, 2017. Upon its completion, the organizers - ForexCup and FXOpen - will award the best winners with the prize money for a total of USD 10,000. The funds will be added to the winners' investment accounts. The best trader of the contest will get USD 5,000 to his/her PAMM account. For the second and third places the winners will get USD 3,000 and USD 2,000, respectively. Don't m
  5. FXOpen invites all traders to join PAMM School – a ForexCup trading competition. PAMM School is a free trading contest for ECN demo accounts. PAMM School starts on August 28th and will last until September 29th. Registration for the contest starts on August 7th and will remain open until September 10th. The prize fund is up to 4000 USD. The top 20 traders will get 20 PAMM STP accounts with 200 USD each and will automatically be admitted to the new competition on live PAMM accounts. JOIN PAMM SCHOOL NOW! 10 things you should know about PAMM School: Free participation; Dates: August 28
  6. Keep learn and never give up, when trader facing with loss, it not mean if they fail, but still on process to become better trader, because loss also as part on trading that sometime inevitable, but with risk on trading hence we as trader also will learn how to manage these risk and not only thinking about profit
  7. Demo account is good for learning purposes, if we can learn using demo account with seriously, hence on real account also will get new experience and if already become master forex on demo account, hence on real account just need to develop better psychology trading which only will obtained on real account
  8. Yes result on forex trading also like as wave the trend market itself that sometime up and sometime down, but as they can possible as trader they will manage money with the best skill trading analysis, learn with short term plan trading and or using long term trading they will choose that making them felt comfortable to increasing capital on account trading
  9. Might there are many kinds of type trader, there are trader that prefer learn using ea, and usually they will looking ea and test ea one by one to get that giving them profitable ea, but there are trader that like using manual trading and also will learn how to manage the risk and increasing profit with always making evaluation trades
  10. Yes actually we can trying on demo account using amount capital same with amount money that want to invested on real account later, if likely we ready start on real account with one hundred dolar, on demo account we can test our own selves manage these money, if still fail and fail again, it's mean not yet ready start on real account
  11. Might forex trading is simple business, that need to do is making transaction using platform trading with click button to buy and sell any currency, but how to get benefit from these transaction is required good understanding with the trend market, required more practice with trial and error on trading
  12. I am trading on forexmart, might every trader they having own choice with broker that will chosen for trading purposes, as long as broker giving good service and smoothly on every withdrawn and deposit, hence we will enjoy using these broker, but when facing problem with broker, usually also can causing less confident to stay use service from broker
  13. In trading we need to trade based on risk management and money management, and also need plan trading to manage our money on account trading, becuase actualy we never know whether our analysis will accurate or will get mistake and causing loss, will harmful when trading without risk management and the trend against our order it could making margin call account
  14. I am now using forexmart also, many broker on forex world indeed and might sometime making confuse how trader will choose one, and choosing broker also as important part for trader because they won't to get scamm broker, and as long as we still comfortable and having expectation with broker service hence we will stay used their service
  15. Yes we need understand with trading forex, and we need to learn and never give up on learning process, but might on trading sometime we facing with loss and sometime this is inevitable, so as trader also need to always keep discipline with risk management plan on trading to manage the risk and account trading
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