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autotraders sites are available?

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I don't think that it's a good idea to use auto trading sites. I have personally never seen any auto-trading services providing site. However I have heard many people talking about forex bots. These bots are being sold these days. It is said to be that the bots can trade on your behalf and earn profit. But I never suggest to work with such bots.

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This not about forex robot it's about social trading or copy trading in here you will be able to copy someone's strategy so when someone closed their position , the system will automatically closed your position too, could be in exactly the same time or just with a bit delay. This concept is new and many newcomers or even experts one that love it. If you ever heard signal that is one of the thing which Social Trading has.

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Alongside stock trading, the forex markets give the most developed an innovative technology accessible to traders. Progressed charting software, both exclusive software gave by brokers and platforms, for example, Metatrader, has become a standard feature of all forex brokers hoping to draw in genuine traders. Real-time estimating on 24 hours markets, moving news and probably the most evolved trading indicators created are regularly just accessible to forex traders. While different types of trading, for example, twofold alternatives, guarantee to give innovative trading platforms, the reality is that these are still a long way behind the level of technical analysis which traders can access through forex brokers and the software accessible.

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