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  1. Instead of going towards signal services i believe why not taking time and doing some reading at sites like economies.com, investing, bloomberg etc to get some idea about what is going on in the surrounding. This will give us a clue about some fundamentals to conclude our ideas for trading.
  2. Small amounts can be a good way to test a new broker which you are going to trade, through such small amounts you can further retest their processes like withdrawal etc which we cannot usually check over their demo accounts.
  3. Yes i guess bitcoin moves really that fast however be careful with your trades and good luck!
  4. USd in my opinion is a safe asset class where every investor try to get in during high risks period, however i use to trade EUR and GBP with USD to earn some pips daily.
  5. Why not checking with their support, by the way are you talking about the copy / social trading services..? I haven't tried these terms so far.
  6. Forex is a very professional market which does not spare any traders mistake so they loose at their own while try blaming others like brokers for their own faults. It would be much better if we should start learning about what we like the most to be done, for forex trading if we are interested in it then at least we should learn about how the money can be traded in order to make more money. A demo account can be helpful in this regard which can be used to trade real markets without depositing any real money as they comes up with virtual funds.
  7. Every new trader should start with small amount with any broker just to test their further processes like withdrawal etc which cannot be checked through demo account.
  8. I have seen this and can witness that brokers like hotforex etc offer free webinars to anyone keen of learning forex trading however on the contrary the new traders usually hassles and jump into trading without any prior knowledge which resulted in loosing money.
  9. I see these are some good hand picked ideas however every idea requires to be properly planned with a road map and this plan should be followed thoroughly with proper dedication and passion in order to succeed.
  10. Leverage should be kept low in start because the new traders being unaware of the market conditions may end up blowing their balances as high leverage means high risks as well.
  11. That is a good pick, why not check their support by just giving them a try and getting experience right on one click..
  12. Yeah better to ask their support to save your time rather than assuming self created answers which may not make sense.
  13. I believe that all of the accounts are automatically covered under the FCA regulations IMO..!
  14. According to warren buffet's money management rules are very simple, the first one states.. never loose your money and second never forget rule number one.
  15. Better following the trends rather than going against them, all this comes up with experience however..
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