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  1. usename:cesperlight amount:300 (DMT points) processor: Liberty Reserve account no.: u5121970
  2. i like such type of programs if i am the first person who invest in such hyip they will pay for sure.but it's hard to be that much lucky. it is a hyip and there is always a risk, i like short term program and i will take chance with this site for one hour.
  3. it is a strange site, at many plans investment is closed already and many other plans are praposed for next month. site already completed many days.i am thinking to invest in this site, plans are looking good.
  4. such type of sites have really short life , nothing is mention about how many days pass to this site.plans are looking good and giving a normal roi. batter to collect more information before investing this hyip.i am looking for that without it i will not invest.
  5. i think this site were good for make some extra income but now it crosses already two days, if i know about this site at day 0 maybe i will try for this site but such type don't have much life and it's not a right time for take risk with this site.
  6. roi is really low and with it site can run for a year even. i like to prefer where i can make a good profit in some short durations. this site is not for me , i don't want to hang my money for such roi for such long term. there is one more amazing thing about this site deposited amount is less then the withdraw amount maybe because this site running from a long time.
  7. i like to invest in this hyip if it is first day for this site , i know that without taking risk it's not possible to make money with hyip but this site crosses already a day and lots of hyip monitors have waiting status for this site so i prefer to not to invest in this site.
  8. i like to invest in hight roi hyip sometime if i can get back my principal faster but this roi is not able for that and i don't think so this site can complete all 30 days with such roi.i prefer not to invest in this site.
  9. as the site name said site is not offering safe roi rates.one day plan is good but both other plans offering roi is really out of reach.ofcourse this site is not for long term investment.
  10. program is looking good and roi they offer is sustainable , i like the thing most here is support system they offer.but lots of stable sites are in market with batter roi than this program, i didn't have any reason for trust this hyip because lots of programs with greater roi is running successful.
  11. plans are looking different in site as they mention above it's offering 1% for every hour, i didn't register at this site till now so maybe inside they have something else i just saw the front page of site. i want to wait for approve by hyip monitors.
  12. roi is low and sustainable and best thing about this program those are not asking for your money for 90 or 60 days and prinicipal return is also a good feature in this program.i like this site but my money is hang in such 60-90 days profit making sites.
  13. i like only first program but roi is really low for minimum amount , rest of the plans is for big amount which i don't have for investment.in rest of the plan roi is really high and i don't think so site can sustain for many days.
  14. hourly programs are not sustainable for long term but we can make profit from such hyip with investing money at the time of start of site.such type of hyip give payment at start but after that they close. i saw many people making profit with such hyip with fast investment and fast withdraw.
  15. i already have account at this site and i wanted to increes my investment there but i got surprise to see there new plans,14% daily profit? is it sustainable?i didn't expected this from avo.net.i think site is changing nature now. site really did good till now and they have all my faith in them but i don't know what that mean.i am not expert but i am surprise to see there action now.i hope site will complete many cycle.
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