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  1. it's totally your decesion and yeah if you don't want to bet this site again so no one can force you to bet here.also most of the people already earn good profit from betting on gambelling industry.there are some rules to win and you never win every match also loss.but all profit is pure and can withdraw instantly.i also make good profit...
  2. yeah right.i also think it.cos by trading on forex we get money.and we can spend our life happily by spend our income money.if we get lot's money so we will spend our life very happily.so forex means money.everyone come here for earn money.so i hope forex can change our life style....
  3. yeah dear you are absolutely right.forex is a machine where some one fail to start machine and some one success to start it.some person who know how to earn money from forex and they always success.so if they want to earn big money at a time they should invest big money for earn big amount.They also accept little profit....
  4. yeah u r right.cos forex trading also for everyone.but think if any unqualificatiion people join the forex and start trading on forex he/she must be lost his/her money.coshe/she have no knowledge on trading.so it's better that 1st know and learning about forex then come to forex for trade.that's why it's not for everyone....
  5. i hope u r not right? cos if u collect news you should get more profit and when u buy/sell on trading you will better understand for placed your money of buy/sell.it's very good thing to collect or hearing news about forex tradning before trade.it will help you for earn good money...
  6. the best trading hours is when u r free.??? and when u have free time u can trading very carefully u don't suffering any type of tense.and u can trading with different market so that u should get profit.but also u can trading after 9 am.this tie very good luck time for get profit from forex trading....
  7. as i know it's a new hyip site.their plan very good and honest.cos they i=only giving low income profit.and share low income with client.that's why some people also come here for earn real profit also some are come for big invest.hope they will be success and achieve their goal,,,,,,,
  8. kingprofit really good hyip programs.cos they are old hyip site now.but still paying.admin is very honest and complete withdraw request so fast.i never hard any scam report against this hyip site.so i hope they are good and also giving good money...
  9. yeah all newbie client must need a demo account.cos without working or practice in demo account he/she never get enough knowledge on forex market.so it's the big mistek for loss on trade.also he need to continue trade on demo account how much he should no gain enough knowledge....
  10. i hope forex market is the largest market in the world.cos most of the mayment making system depended on forex.if they stop or there are no forex in the world i hope they will fail to earn or making big money from online.also forex working also offline.so i hope it's the biggest country..
  11. Displayed username: showrov1993 Amount: 173 (points) processor : Perfect Money PM ID: U3537093 thanks admin of DMT.
  12. We will build the extra money from the exploitation of the mercantilism platform and we ready to build the heap of the money on the mercantilism sites if we have got the complete information and if we have got the entire data concerning the mercantilism sites and so we will able to build the big quantity of the profit.
  13. When ever i Buy something the whole Market Goes Down !!! When ever i Sell Something the whole Market Goes Up !!! Does This Happen with you all ???? if Yes How can I avoid This ???? Plz Share your point ...
  14. The reality about earning through forex trading is when we can analyses about the trend of our market and then we can earn as we want from forex trading.one can really earn from forex trading only study about the basic and fundamental analysis is demanded. If you know then say what is the reality about earning? write your opinion.
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