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  1. I had several periods of long and deep drawdowns however I held faith in myself and thanks to Hotforex webinars managed to overcome those tough periods and slowly recovered.
  2. I used MT4 extensively but recently have moved to Hotforex MT5 and should say that it was worthy upgrade.
  3. I'm also satisfied with trading conditions of my current broker Hotforex as low spreads allow me to run scalping bots in profit which are otherwise would give me a loss.
  4. It's great that you found suitable broker. Same can be said about me, I'm happy with Hotforex because my scalping strategy which is very sensitive to spreads started to work with them!
  5. To be successful in trading you should trade with reliable FX broker like Hotforex because when you become profitable your trading system will likely exhibit more sensitive to trading conditions and this is the time when you understand whether the broker you trade with suits you or not.
  6. I also tend to use only my own knowledge in trading because after all my goal is to become a trader, not investors or a person who seeks for passive hands-down income. This implies that you can only rely on yourself and nobody else.
  7. Do you trade crypto with Hotforex as well? how its going so far?
  8. Thanks for you recommendation. By the way have you tried to trade at Hotforex, I'm looking for traders who could share their opinion about this broker and may be give some advice for a starter.
  9. I have often lost when trading forex but I am very rarely a winner or I continue to lose money. what should I do to succeed in forex trading? By the way yesterday I managed to make 200 USD trading simple price action system with Hotforex should I stick to it approach or consider it just a lucky strike?
  10. I have completed the shift from MT4 and MT5 at Hotforex. And I have to say this transition brought many benefits as the new platform has improvements from execution to integration of important market data like news calendar.
  11. I think you can post here and there without limitations. Looking forward to see some nice useful posts from you, especially related to FX or crypto trading.
  12. I strongly believe that I can find independent source of income from trading. Currently trying my luck with Hotforex trying to scalp on majors and Gold. Many people have become millionaires by trading Forex, but they had patience and discipline in their trading.
  13. Is there a contest for demo traders. I feel I need more capital to trade bigger lots and demo prize would be great support towards my goals
  14. It is my understanding that choosing the right broker is the second most important step in succeeding in this market, next to having an effective and proven trade strategy plan. I trade at Hotforex and have access to wide range of trading instruments including stocks, bonds and indices.
  15. I have been using the hotforex mt4 for almost 6 years now, I think their mt5 is much better, but moving to mt5 requires a lot of work from my side!.
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