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  3. These guys are good. I have an account with them specifically the micro account which I traded with them for about 2 months sometime last year. The thing about these guys is the low spread that I'm yet to find anywhere in the forex industry.
  4. These guys are not bad for a newbie but for serious trading, I recommend a small deposit with them. Their spreads are okay and they offer rebates programs. The problem I've encountered with these guys is the issue of requotes which is a discouraging factor for me.
  5. If you have been in forex for years, you'll know that there are different classes of brokers. Icap is not your everyday retail broker and to open an account here, a trader needs a minimum deposit of $5 million.
  6. I currently trade with these guys and I will stand for this firm anywhere any day. The support is just beyond top notch and withdraws are processed without delays. This is the first broker that offered me a spread of 3 pips on EUR/AUD. From this you can imagine how wonderful the spread picture looks like.
  7. This seems like a good one and I'll look into it as soon as I can. How long has this site been operating because I've been in the forex business for years and I have not come across that name. Not a bad idea to get free money here though.
  8. I'm sure that these guys are as new as new. Have you tried opening an account with them yet. Looking at their investment plans, I really don't know if these guys will last long. The 1 day plan will be okay for me.
  9. @christmas_ .......It is sometimes like that especially when the information is obtained from some of these hyip monitoring sites where you don't get accurate information. What is the online life? I'll look them up.
  10. I cannot operate with this one for sure. The returns are too low considering the starting amount and looking at the nature of the plan structure, I'm inclined to think that they are here to stay.
  11. Think you or your research to offer this wonderful and honest information. I will make sure that my funds are 10 feet away from this one. Problem stamp? Hmmm. Better to be safe than sorry.
  12. Okay, the site of this one is nothing to talk about other than to describe it as childish. The difference between the minimum deposit for the 1.8% plan and the 2% plan is ridiculous. Do they expect me to spend an extra %180 for just 0.2%.
  13. With an online life of 102 days, I expect more from these guys haven started with them from the scratch. They have regional contact and there's also one for my country. I have talked with him. I know that these guys are here for business.
  14. I love these guys as they pay without delay. My only concern is that they have not been around for too long with an online life of about 37 days. They are sponsors to some pay to post forums and their plan looks solid. Still with them anyway.
  15. The starting point for this is from the trading agreement. Most forex traders open accounts with brokers without considering or even bothering to look at the trading terms. It is based on this and the evidence that a trader can provide especially saved trade logs, that a case can be made against a trader and won.
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