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  1. There are many people who prefer different options, as it’s always better and more rewarding to go that way. So, with keeping that in mind, I will like to know IF anyone considers Indian oil share worth the investment! I personally feel it is, and that to do with Indian oil share price forecast, which shows the potential and once you understand that then you could make some heavy returns and that with a lot ease and comfort too.
  2. What? MAS has approval on pal network? What is MAS stand on Crypto. I think many people invested in PP due to MAS link as they always throw MAS in front of them. Especially during ICO. https://www.abc-7.com/story/39549166/fintech-industry-advocates-for-prudence-and-transparency-in-singapore-cryptocurrency-marketplace http://archive.is/7OuUv?ico=policypal-scam-MAS Is this case still pending? Is PolicyPal really on good standing with MAS and legit project?
  3. No, I completely disagree on this; I believe that bonus is not an important feature! It is okay to have bonus from broker that’s A-rated, but most of the companies offering bonuses are b-grade and that’s where it’s big problem. I am with FP Markets and they have plenty of features that are worthy to be added on important category and that counts from having by licensed by ASIC and are an Australian owned and operated company servicing since last 12 years. It is always pleasing to operate with such reputed firm and there are stuff like PAMM account as well.
  4. Well, I think there is no fixed indicator, as I mostly try to work around the situation, as according to that it’s easier to work out right system. I always make sure that I plan well, as that is how one is able to make profits regularly. I feel very pleased under FP Markets since their wide range of setup helps out on with everything. I feel extremely comfortable here with their transparent setup along with educational guidance and many top notch facilities that counts out for help in terms of profit making even without using of indicators.
  5. I seriously feel we over do things and look for unnecessary and unwanted things. The simplest way to secure money is with properly regulated broker. I feel absolutely secure with FP Markets, as they have Australian regulation and along with that, it’s a true ECN too. It’s hard not to feel secure here with quick payments without commission and always ready to help team of experts. The finest quality of analysis is provided daily with tips present too, it’s absolutely perfect thing.
  6. I think you are wrong if you are specific about profits. As a genuine trader should be least worried about targets instead it is about opportunities and picking them. It is only thing that we need to do, if we do that correctly then not daily profits, but regular profit is ensured. I always go with following the news and trade when the opportunity is right, it’s a lot easier to do for me because of FP Markets broker that I operate under. The thing they got is complete structure with market updates, insights and analysis while there is whole educational setup including Live Webinars, it’s all handy!
  7. Mate, I suggest you to share yourself with come proper educational course as you look stupid with such suggestion. Alpari scammed many and calling them best is as crazy as it gets. Anyway, it is hard to explain things to one who looks clueless himself. I operate through FP Markets, its best or not is not the thing. They are reliable and trustworthy to do with them been licensed by ASIC and are also an Australian owned and operated company servicing since last 12 years with absolutely deep down features and facilities. BTW, they also got special section dedicated to education from which you can learn which I am sure will help you understand difference between scam and best.
  8. Where ever you invest, it got to be done in sensible and proper way, and by that, I mean about the broker. That could to be extremely good and one that we could trust and count upon. I am joined with FP Markets and they are really a powerhouse with being licensed by ASIC and the number 1 Australian owned and operated company servicing since over a decade (12 years) with over millions of clients. It is pleasure operating with them and investment is also safe and secure with quick payments.
  9. Everything is hard or risky, so got to live life without fear and do it instead of regretting it because that really means little. We just need to make sure we trade with proper plan and method, as that is really what will help us stay in good shape and will allow us to make good profits with consistency. If we worry more and work less than even if it is easy we will still make it harder. I worry least and with FP Markets, I get excellent support and guide that comes with their market analysis, updates and all such things, it’s pretty cool!
  10. I have learned one thing very clearly, if we try to do anything forcefully then we are not moving in right direction, so no matter what is there, it is vital that we do it all steadily and believe that we are good enough to do well. The problem starts when people try to gain everything quickly and that’s to do with not having enough confidence and we got profits due to luck, so continue to ride it. But that is clearly wrong thinking process and is not good. We got to be believe and if we can’t then just don’t trade, I always trust myself and with help of FP Markets, I am no short of guidance and the conditions too are simply brilliant with ultra-tight spreads at 0 pips to high leverage and all that.
  11. We shouldn’t try to do anything extra-ordinary instead simplicity is the best way and is the way we will be able to gain maximum rewards. I do just that with keeping highest level of risk management and also keeping on with the market trend, it helps me with earning well and with ease too. I do get massive support through FP Markets, as they have incredibly qualified traders providing their insights on the market while there are several tips, guidance and even educational setup, so all this is perfect help in allowing us to make profits.
  12. I am not sure why I should feel? As they have been blacklisted by all genuine and trustworthy sources, so if anyone still considers and joins them then I have no words. I will least feel sorry about such people who lack common sense. I give security the highest priority which is why I am on with FP Markets, they are not just regulated by ASIC but also are an Australian owned and operated company with over millions of clients. It is truly aspiring to work with such broker with having excellent educational setup from beginner’s level to advance while their expert analysis plays the key role. The conditions too are amongst finest with 0.1 pips spread, over 1k instruments (unheard of) and much more.
  13. I just want to make profit in genuine way regardless of big or low, as size doesn’t matter. We can eventually catch up with the size of profits but we can’t catch up with the way of it. I always trade with proper way and method, so rest is hardly any issue at all. I get serious advantage through FP Markets, as they are fantastic company to work with been an Australian based broker while have ultra-tight spreads, flexible leverage, real market liquidity and much more, it’s amazing to be part of such company and one is ever likely to make good profits.
  14. My tip is always believe in your ability and select a broker that is ACTUALLY a broker instead of going for attractive offers which are trick and always make us lose our money. So we need to pick quality broker and that is exactly what I do with FP Markets which is regulate by ASIC and also is a true ECN servicing since last 12 years. I love their low cost, transparent system, lightning fast execution speed of trades, high leverage up to 1:500, daily market updates, tips and we can use VPS technology as well!
  15. No, you don’t need bonus from broker. If you are working in real world then you need broker not to interfere and just support you, this is exactly what I get from FP Markets, as they support me perfectly. They are a worldwide recognized company servicing since last 12 years and is regulate by ASIC, so that makes them pretty secure. The conditions are not far behind with the tight spreads from 0 pickup points while transparent system is also good to see.
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