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  1. Support and resistance level are used in technical analysis. Traders also need both to set their SL and TP in trading. So, it is essential to know about those two levels. You can learn easily online, there is a lot of information available regarding those two levels.
  2. The analysis is important in the forex market. It gives a high probability to predict the right decision. There are two types of analysis in the market. Technical and fundamental. Some traders ignore fundamental analysis and trade with only technical analysis. Both analyses are equally important in trading. My broker give me all kinds of the necessary information about the market which help in my analysis.
  3. Scalping is one of the most popular trading strategies and it is also a profitable trading strategy. The new trader often prefers this kind of trading strategy because it requires less time to trade. Within a couple of minutes, you can trade and make a profit in this kind of trading strategy. However, scalpers need low spreads to make this work. That’s why Eurotrader offers the lowest spreads on major currency pairs.
  4. Forex is one of the riskiest markets in the world. 90% traders lose money in trading. Traders can even lose their whole capital overnight. So, trade carefully. You can even manage your risk easily. As for me, I only take 2% risk per trade. I started trading with only $50 in Eurotrader. I recommend new trader should start trading in demo account first.
  5. Books is one the best source to learn trading. Traders can learn easily from books. There are lot of free books available in internet. They provide free educational course to all kind of traders. Always practice in demo account what you learn. That’s why you can ensure what is best of you what is not.
  6. A good trader defines as who make consistent profit in forex market. It is hard to do but not impossible. Traer need proper knowledge and skill to consistent profit in trading. It is also easily achievable. There are lot of way to learn forex trading. As for me, I learned forex trading from free educational course.
  7. Spreads are the difference between buy and sell price. It is a small price that all traders have to pay to their broker in order to trade in the forex market. Low spreads are always better to save some pips in trading. Some trading strategies like scalping need low spreads to make the strategy work well. That’s why I am trading With Eurotrader which provides the lowest spreads starting from zero pips.
  8. Forex market only currency market. Traders can make a profit from the rise and fall market, unlike stock. Brokers offer high leverage so that small traders have the same opportunity to make a profit as big traders. Unlike other brokers, forex broker offers more lucrative facilities to traders. As my Eurotrader offers low spreads starting from zero pips and high leverage p to 1:500.
  9. Forex trading is kind of hard and complex especially for new traders. They often struggle in trading. They lose lot of money to learn. They often do simple mistake which can easily be avoided. So, it is better to spend more time to learn trading. That’s why my brokers offers free educational courses to all kind of traders.
  10. None of noting can control the forex market. However, there are many factors that influence the price action of a currency. Damn and supply are one of the main reasons for that. It is a basic concept of trading which all trader should now about it. As for me, I learned from my broker Eurotrader free educational resources.
  11. Many traders want to start making a lot of money. When People see low spreads on some currency pairs and decide that they need to choose and trade such low spread pairs in order to save costs. But every currency pair has a personality and that traders need to gain as much experience as possible in trading some pairs, know them and trade better. That’s why Eurotrader offers low spreads in almost all currency pairs.
  12. People consider the importance of Support and resistance levels as the key to profitable Forex trading, but some claims exist to best identify them. Moving averages, pivot points, and other derived indicators usually serve as a level of effective support and resistance. But there is no basis for this. It is better to research about those levels. That’s why I am learning from Eurotrader educational resources.
  13. Forex trading is hard and complex especially for new traders in the market. Hey, have a lot of learning about forex trading. However, new traders often jump to the market without knowing the basics of trading and they end up losing money. So, it is better to learn first and then invest money. The demo account is the best way to start which all forex brokers like Eurotrader provide to their traders.
  14. Many traders want to start making a lot of money but few can make it. Trading with a smaller time frame is more risker than higher time frame. People see low spreads on some currency pairs and decide that they need to choose and trade such low spread pairs in order to save costs. However, my broker Eurotrader offer low spreads on almost all trading pairs.
  15. A good broker is essential for all traders. It's an important decision, so you need to establish your priorities and find a broker that will fulfill most of your needs. A licensed and regulated broker like Eurotrader ensures brokers’ credibility. However, there are some scam Forex brokers. Traders should avoid those brokers at any cost.
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