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  1. Get Free $0.01 to 0.10 Daily Automatic-Withdrawal(Perfect Money) Instant Payout - $0.01 - 0.10 to your Perfect Money 1. All you need to do is SIGN UP by clicking the below link 2. Click on faucet button in the end of the page $0.01 - 0.10 will be added to your Account Balance instantly Its absolutely Free and you can claim it daily basis Here is the link of this site - https://rates.guru/27965 This also has other interesting offers You will get $1 on signup to your wallet and many more
  2. Forex trading is very comfortable for anyone due to it's nature as such. As an Asian I love forex much because of it's volatility and time comfortable. We can possible to trade at whatever the time lcomfortable for. I don't find the market closed for a week except on 2 days that too I trade with cryptocurrency.
  3. . Can you brief on how to better use the strategies automatically and this automatic order placing is profitable
  4. I dont know how on what point of view you have opined that forex trading is easy. As for my experience it is one of the toughest to take decision on market fluctuations at the time of placing orders. This is ok with demo accounts we dont loose anything by on real time trade it far difficult to place the order though an expert.
  5. Hope this HYIP work well. This might be involved in real activity which must be profitable business need of money to continue research. Guys you can try with small and hope it will run for around morethan 100 days. You can get even genuine profit from this
  6. This type of HYIP wont work for more than a week. Though you get profit in one HYIP you be caught by loosing of money In another HYIP. I was a fan of HYIP few years back and later got little loss due to this I understand the limitation of these HYIP programs in earning money. So newbies want to earn money from the HYIP programs please be aware this.
  7. Displayed Username : vizta Amount To Request (DMT points) : 100 Payment option: PM Perfect Money ID : U4546061 Thank You
  8. MT 4 doesn't support cryptocurrency trade butMt5 ssupport cryptocurrency. Apart from that there is no much difference in terms of trade. But there is some advanced options in MT5.
  9. There are lot of trustworthy brokers you can find out which suits you and when selecting opt for right ratio of trade leverage account as per your capacity. Every broker has his own limitation you need this to understand select right suits to you.
  10. Either we say it is right or wrong it is difficult for any government to completely ristrict the international criminals from entering forex like huge markets. It is wise that they can allow them to and bring them out from the criminal activities let them live common life to stop his criminal activities
  11. Play scalping in demo account is funny but I recommend you to see how the kick will be. I think it is awesome though you win or loose. You enjoy with the market devil. But if you try this in real account i hate this sometimes even the professional get sucks
  12. Let me give you an example England come out from briks it effects on forex market but not gambling. This is the difference gambling with forex. Here you need to think how what extent and time it effects. We cannot call forex a gambling but for spirit you can call gambling and we are all like gambling
  13. Forex market exchange not only limited for some big companies hiring foreigners paying at their currency and taking advantage of exchange but also many companies take foreign projects and the project profit also depend on favourable forex situation price
  14. Daily profit doesn't mean that you could earn daily consistently instead concentrate on monthly profit and calculate on average daily profit. So that you can call it is the daily profit. This is possible with good plan and calculation. I recommend you to take some expert guidance on forex for this
  15. Of course even I get loss at trading and I learn that what you lost is lost that you have to agree. Take a challenge without loosing confidence start trading with good strategy. There is no way to earn profit without loosing anything.
  16. A trader careful about his funds before investing. Though there are scams there are even reputed brokers finding them like collecting rose from plant without getting hurted. Usually traders find reviews in many websites has lot of reviews which is very difficult to identify what is genuine or scam contradictory. So suggest not to invest much for at least one year for any website
  17. Forex trading is not only with huge money you can earn good from reasonable amount too can be turned a good source of income. If you start with 500 dollars and initially if you gain around 100 to 200 also good amount which need not be withdraw for 2 months but turn it into profit once you stable on fund then use it for living by withdrawing for necessary
  18. Your comfortability is the best time to trade. For me I use to trade as per my convenience otherwise I set out take profit or stop loss option and relax myself in other work. This is what to do if you tensed after placing orders it will negatively effect on your decision. So try to avoid this and be comfortable at the time of trading
  19. The trader success not depend only on day or night or volatility. It solely depend on his right decision at that time. The good trader himself a machine who analyse the applicability of righy strategy at right time. There is no fixed time for scalping is easy or tough as such.
  20. I surprised at whatever angles the people study the behavior of traders is exactly correct. Forex trading is continue process of learning and the traders should have more patience in waiting for than placing fresh orders. Right orders give more profit than more orders.
  21. If you are mentally decided at what price the order to be closed and till your presence in live market the stop loss is not much necessary but when you offline consider not to live this option otherwise I am sure you must ready for the loss. Secondly sometimes there is huge oders the trader not allowed to execute close orders immediately but if you already opted figure of stop loss it automatically close
  22. Demo account is the best ground to test your strategy if any. Here you can get real time result like you use as use in real account. How much time you to work on demo account is varies individual to individual but one indication for you to shift real account you could able to execute right order at right time and also correct use of stop loss options so that to avoid huge loss and you get profit consistently confidently
  23. I don't agree the view expressed because I suggest the newbie you will not get another opportunity to do mistake if you loose your all money. For that you will blame yourself for future. Better to place order with demo account and once you become responsible the place right orders
  24. Gold as a precious metal price now below right time to invest for long term. Investing in gold is really good compare to other because the risk of falling down comparatively less than other goods. Because the limited availability of gold this metal stands unique for investing point of view.
  25. Free-style Offers 50$ no deposit bonus. I had registered their account even they gave 50$ to my account but to activate the bonus one must need to deposit around 3 dollars initially otherwise you can't place orders. That is worthless because they compel us to deposit some amount without giving trial.
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