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  1. Here is my 12th payment proof from this forum, I have got full payment this time, Really good. Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Yeah, this is a totally new forum, but I found that there are less active members on this forum, on the other hand, some members mentioned that the rate of this forum is high, but I think it is very low, there are only $0.003 per post.
  3. Yeah, this forum is back, but I found admin of this forum didn't solve the loading problem, and I found that the problem remain the same, it will take a long time for me to load this site, it really influence making posts on this forum.
  4. I think you have to meet two requirements if you want to earn $1000 daily in forex market, firstly, you have to deposit huge amount, secondly, you have to good command of forex knowledge, only when you meet those two requirements can you succeed.
  5. Here is my new payment from this site. Thanks!
  6. Here is my new payment from this forum. Thanks.
  7. I think PAMM is just a robot which can help us trade in forex, to be frank, I don't like to use this in forex, In my opinion, if we want to earn money from forex , we have to learn the forex knowledge and experience, this is the only way for us to earn money from forex.
  8. It seems that this is a totally new e-currency, I found that there are no special features on this payment processor, I think it is hard for this site to attract people join it because they are a lot of good e-currencies.
  9. Most traders want to learn forex knowledge because they can get more experience from others who already trade in forex, if we can get guide from them, we can quickly get improved. It will help earn money from forex as soon as possible.
  10. Now there are few members on this forum , I think it is time for us to earn money from this forum, there are few topic on this forum, so we have more opportunity to earn money from this site. you can get higher rate if you make threads here.
  11. Have you noticed that the ads on HT are similar with that in DMT? To be frank, I have been introduced to this forum because of admin of HT who give me the link of this forum, so I doubt that whether those two forum have the same admin.
  12. The activity on this forum decreased sharply, I think the main reason is that on the one hand, the rate of this forum is low, on the other hand, there are only three sections on this forum paid to post.
  13. I think this is one of good forums if admin here can take measures to solve the loading problem, It really spent a long time for members to open this site, I would rather spent more time on other forums.
  14. Here is my new payment from this forum. Thanks!
  15. Here is my new payment from this forum. Thanks!
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