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  1. I disagree with this proposal. The majority of traders fail in forex trading as a result of losing their money and have no interest in this business for more to come in the foreign exchange more.Specially show month.It very difficult to make a profit is not so difficult for professional traders profit.
  2. Forex is a good job. i think so that forex is a easy trading business so people can trade here by taking some training on forex trading business,it is very easy way to earn money. it is also very profitable business so traders can make good profit from forex market. so, forex is a easy trading business.
  3. I think no Forex trading is not a easy job because majority of the traders fails in Forex trading due to lose their money. It is also very profitable business so traders can make good profit from Forex market. It is also not so tough for the professional traders to make profit.
  4. forex is a easy trading business so people can trade here by taking some training on forex trading business,it is very easy way to earn money.it is also very profitable business, Specially for the newbie in Forex is extremely tough to earn profit within few month.It is also not so tough for the professional traders.
  5. Forex trading business is very easy and simple to trade and learn. Learning is more important and useful for the beginner's. Demo account is more useful for the beginner's to improve the quality of trading education and training.
  6. There are differences between a successful traders, and the traders that knows how to trade. Many of the professional traders and even the so called experts are still failing in the market trading, What then could be that, the practical application for result is just the true answer here ,. not the learning.
  7. Earning profit or being a successful trader depends on lots of factors. I won't say a perfect learner in forex will be a good trader for sure. But it helps immensely if you have learned it
  8. First of all, it depends on what you are learning in the forex field. If you learn the wrong things perfectly, then of course you will not be a good trader but if you learn the right things well, then chances are that you will be a good trader if you stick to them. One thing we should note however is that the market is dynamic and a forex trader should be flexible in his thinking to be able to gain the advantage of changes in market movement. This means that a good trader should be able to learn adaptability as this is the only way to adequately trade in the market with reduced losses.
  9. yes you are right forex trader is a learner because he must have a good and new knowledge of forex so to improve your knowledge and to keep your knowledge up to date trader must do learning and practicing forex trading so this statement is correct that forex trader is a learner
  10. Yes I am agree with this opinion because I also think that a trader is a learner in the Forex market. I see many good trader always learn any others new trader about Forex trading and share their trading strategy with others trader.
  11. If a trader is not learning he can do it on long term basis because it requires a constant learning plan and make a constant strategy according to market only then he can get success so a trader is a learner this is true
  12. Yes we all trader is learner and we all the time learn from this market.we need to take knowledge from all trade which reason we need to practice again and again than we can get success in this business.
  13. Thats right idea that a trader learn always because we can see that market brings changesin it due to different reasons and ever time we learn new thing and after learning new things about the forex trading we become experienced ,so it will be more batter for us to stay in touch with the market when we are doing tradingnand we should do work hard to get more and more information about forex because that will be only main cause for our success
  14. I agree with you . Forex market is learning systems business platform. So, Every trader is a good learner in Forex trading market. Learning is the best way to become success in Forex. So, We are main to focus to trading live learning and long time trading analysis to win this market. Learning means earning is strong at Forex trading market.
  15. Yes, a trader is a learner. Because, if one wants to succeed in forex and earn huge profits then we have to study hard and practice well. We must never be satisfied with oneself. We must learn and practice intensively in order to get good skills and experience. The better a person to learn and practice trading then it will definitely be successful in forex.
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