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  1. I have been doing crypto trade for a long time on Crypto exchange broker. I find their forecast really accurate, benefited and easy to understand. It has real time chart service providing the latest data on market moves every day. More than 10,000 traders regularly trade including me. Furthermore it trades using industry leading REST-API or connects via FIX interface and gets access to even more features!
  2. This is the age of technology but with high security cost for sure. Whenever we go to buy something with credit cards we need to share our credentials with them. Therefore Verified CC Shop is important for us. There are only a few Credit Card shops who offer maximum security for their clients and YALELODGE is one of them. https://www.yalelodge.ro/
  3. We should look for broker that gives us comfort and sense of security, as without that it will be almost next to impossible for us to gain much at all. I am always very careful with these things because that is only way one can benefit. I work with IronFX, which is one of my best and that on various counts, including tidy spreads, fast execution, meta trader 4 platform and much more, all combines nicely and well for one and all. https://www.ironfx.com/en/platforms/metatrader-4-windows
  4. Yes and no. Yes, in a sense that it is a business that logically can be done by anyone and everyone. But of course, no, if we are talking about doing it successfully. So it all must be done very carefully and with planning, and that is where I have great preference towards FX automated software, which not only are time savers but are also fairly beneficial too. I like MyFxTools site a lot, where one can get in-depth details to figure these things out.
  5. With the kind of scale Crypto industry has achieved, it goes without saying that majority are keen to join into it. However, all this is not so easy, unless we have good plans. Fortunately, I have just that following up Bitcoin investment strategy, where some very interesting strategies and approached are shared, not only are worthy but also very very helpful in many ways, so that is what enables one to perform and able to generate consistent revenue. https://bitcoininvestment.pw/bitcoin-investment-strategy/
  6. In all very much fairness, I would say we shouldn’t just look at one or two, instead we should look at multiple options because we should zero down. And I primarily focus on this aspect only. I try to look at Top Forex Robots, which not only is the place where one is able to get that moving but also get proper details too, so all really works perfectly and helps a lot in so many ways too.
  7. I am not so keen on putting time into these things, as to me it leads to nowhere. I have greater preference for expert and that through the facility of Forexcopier, it is really simple to use yet is highly effective. If we figure out a good trader, we can simply run it through this and sit back to make good and consistent profits. It is what makes it so likeable for just about everyone out there.
  8. Reverse trade is an amazing feature that makes me so astonishing in ForexCopier. You ask yourself how is it possible to make money on copying unprofitable orders? Because when you copy these orders to your account you will get the same losing orders on your side. But with the help of Forex Trade Copier, I can reverse my trades and turn losing trades into profit. This feature is called “Reverse Mode” and when I enable this feature Forex Copier will copy orders as follows: * buy order will be copied as sell * sell order will be copied as buy * sell Stop order will be copied as buyLimit * sellLimit order will be copied as buyStop * buyStop order will be copied as sellLimit * buyLimit order will be copied as sellStop
  9. VaultSwap Revolutionizing The Crypto-swapping Ecosystem – Token Sale Active! Creating a trading account, verifying your identity, and making your first deposit on a traditional crypto trading exchange can be a hassle. It is not only time-consuming, but you would also need to create multiple accounts to be involved in different cryptocurrency deals. This can result in a headache and increase security risks. Using a crypto swap service that partners with reputable crypto exchanges is a better way for you to trade coins instantly at the best possible prices. While some crypto swap services require users to create a digital wallet before accessing their services, others do not have such a policy in place. One of such services is VaultSwap Exchange. We will be highlighting the activities or operations of VaultSwap Exchange, and also highlight their unique selling propositions that made them outstanding. But before we go too far, let's find out what VaultSwap is. What Is VaultSwap? VaultSwap is a decentralized crypto-to-crypto swap exchange service. On the VaultSwap platform, you can swap your coin to another coin instantly. VaultSwap also offers high-paying investment schemes such as crypto staking, crypto lending, and crypto farming. As a force to reckon with in the crypto-swapping space, the safety of your personal data is guaranteed. How To Swap Crypto Instantly Swapping your cryptos to another coin can be done instantly on their VaultSwap Exchange. Simply follow the instructions below: ● Create a free account via this link - www.vaultswap.io ● Complete the personal verify process and also verify your email ● Select the coin you want to swap ● Specify the amount you wish to swap ● Select the new coin you want to receive ● Review your transaction and confirm the swap. ● You would immediately see the new coin reflecting on your dashboard. Why Should I Join VaultSwap? Thousands of traders have decided to stick with VaultSwap Exchange for the following reasons: ● As a registered user of the VaultSwap platform, you can lend your coins to those in need and get rewarded. The reward is up to 26% of your deposit. ● You can also stake your cryptos, instead of storing them in a wallet. Staking your cryptocurrencies attract a reward of over 30% in APR. ● VaultSwap has a dedicated customer support team that understands the needs of investors. Whether you want to participate in the ongoing token sale or you want to invest in Yield Farming, the team would help you every step of the way. ● While other platforms charge users a token to swap cryptos, VaultSwap doesn't charge a dime. Point To Note: VaultSwap is just listed on P2pb2b, and more listing are expected to follow in next 1 week! https://twitter.com/p2pb2b/status/1331267513565503496 https://www.facebook.com/p2pb2b.io/posts/997694927363848 Token Sales VaultSwap has a native currency that users can use to access the platform. The symbol of the token is VAULT. The sale of VAULT is currently ongoing. The minimum amount of VAULT that you can purchase is 2 VAULT. The token sale started on November 20 and would round by on December 20. Are you passionate about swapping your coins for another? Then why not visit the official website of VaultSwap Exchange via www.vaultswap.io to get started. VaultSwap Exchange - The Fastest Way To Swap Your Cryptos!
  10. Are you looking to buy Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)? Then visit https://www.blackburndistributions.com/vitamin-c-powder-ascorbic-acid.html to purchase with 10% discount available via using the code “VITC-10-OFF” Reasons to purchase from Blackburn Distribution: 1. Our Vitamin C is sourced from the EU and passes through multiple quality control processes ensuring that our ascorbic acid is of the highest quality meeting pharmaceutical standards 2. Shipped within 1 working day subject to stock 3. 10% discount available https://www.blackburndistributions.com/vitamin-c-powder-ascorbic-acid.html
  11. SkyDesks is a company that provides a cloud replacement for a Windows 10 PC. The replacement, a virtual machine (VM), lives at a remote station reachable through an internet portal. You might say: “Why would I want to do that. There are many reasons. SkyDesks is one of them. Watch the video in the end. At its highest level a SkyDesks portal works to deliver remote connectivity to affiliate groups, like Zoom does. For true collaboration to work in a jointly chosen application is a better choice, in a real-time connectivity is critical. SkyDesks portal approach solves this problem intuitively. This happens since any member can choose to give temporary portal access to anyone. Revocation is instant. SkyDesks currently offers several subscription: • MT4 ,MT5. Full EA applications in a web browser $10/month. • MT4, MT5 Full EA applications with CopyTrader. $15/month • Traditional RDP Vertual Machine (Windows RDP). $15/month • Premium Windows Server 2012 replacement $30 month • LibreOffice, Open Source Desktop Office. We have seen tremendous development in the area of application both in Windows and Linux. These developments have contributed to making life easier and flexible. However, the challenge of running a single application on different platforms has been a constant issue without any solution. For instance, those in the cryptocurrency and forex industry use various platforms to trade the market. It means for you to use MT4 or MT4, you need to install the MT4 or MT5 version of that particular window environment. In other words, to use MT4 on your iPhone, you need to download and install the iPhone version. The same applies to your PC, android, and Linux system. MetaTrader is a popular platform that brokers offer to traders to download to their computer. However, for a forex or cryptocurrency trader, the platform is the key to unlock their trading adventure. Nevertheless, you stand the risk of losing connectivity to your broker when in a trade. Imagine the inability to close a trade when the market has changed trend because of loss of connectivity. The outcome of this “simple” issue can be very costly. There are a lot of things that may lead to this situation, such as network outages or ISP disconnections. While it might be beyond your power to do anything, you have access to what can change this situation. What if you had to download MetaTrader for your iPhone, Android, and PC? For a forex company, the process of recoding each platform to suit your user is stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Imagine, you don’t have to recode any application to be platform dependent. Think of the possibility of running your forex VPS on a web browser, which is accessible to anyone without the limitation of downloading. All you need is to get access to the internet with your browser. The reality of this innovative concept is possible only through SkyDesks Cloud technology for forex traders. What is SkyDesks? SkyDesks is a revolutionary cloud Forex virtual private server (VPS) service provider that offers full web browser version of all your trading platforms. Importantly, you don’t have to download, install, or deal with issues such as PC crashes because the SkyDesks platform comes with a pre-configured MT4/MT5 platform. With cloud trading, you can have access to trading through your web browser. The system is intuitive, user-friendly, and highly reliable without any risk of the deadly “blue screen of death.” Unlike your normal Windows, the SkyDesks VPS natively connects MT4 and MT5 to your broker using your web browser. How does SkyDesks work? The SkyDesks system takes your trading application, which may be in any platform (Window or Linux) and create a custom cloud for your application. Furthermore, the system then creates a server automation script, which helps to execute your application on the Sky Desk cloud. Finally, custom tiles and dashboard interface with MT4/MT5 are created. Each application comes with a unique URL; the newly created application is then deployed online. To access the application, you have to use the unique URL through their browser. The SkyDesks dashboard is similar to your Windows desktop. You can include applications to the dashboard like you can on the desktop Window. Instead of icons, the SkyDesks platform uses tiles, which represent a running instance of the SkyDesks virtual machine. The benefit of SkyDesks Cloud Technology The unique SkyDesks cloud technology offers a lot of benefits for forex traders, brokers, expert advisors and signal providers. For forex traders, it is easy to use, with an option to choose your server location while allowing you to install EAs and signals. However, brokers can leverage the SkyDesk Cloud technology to boost their services to clients since it comes with white label, volume subscription discounts, and proprietary expert advisors and signals hosting. Furthermore, EA and signal providers can improve on their services due to the built-in EA protection, and create lead generation. SkyDesk Cloud Technology Subscription The SkyDesk cloud technology comes with a subscription fee, which is inclusive of a pre-configured hosting environment. The environment allows subscribers to upload any signal or expert advisor they want to use on the platform. The uploads don’t take time, and within minutes you have your pre-configured MT4/MT5. This takes the hassle of downloading, installing, PC crashes, and connectivity issues. With SkyDesks could trading, your web browser is the key to your trading platform. The subscription comes in three packages – the cloud MT4/MT5, traditional VM, and premium VM. Each package has its unique with interesting features. However, the price for the cloud MT4/MT5 goes for a discounted price of $9.99 per month. Nevertheless, the traditional and premium VM goes for $14.99 and $29.99, respectively. SkyDesks also offers a forex signal provider subscription from a dropdown menu at $14.99. Conclusion SkyDesks is the answer to the traditional trading system. The SkyDesks cloud technology takes your trading to the next level. Importantly, it offers MT4/MT4 trading – including cryptocurrency auto trading on a web browser. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t act as a broker or offer trading services but empowers traders to run their trading platforms at any broker of their choice. Further Information at: http://www.skydesks.io/ Guidance at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=293usGsTf3A&t=6s
  12. We need to be very careful of the quality to begin with, as there is really no other way to move forward without it. And that’s exactly where I move forward. I find it super cool through LaborX, since it is a very solid marketplace, where one can find all these things smoothly and also get the best possible quality too. So this is really where we need to look at if we are serious about our stuff with doing stuff like development.
  13. It is not just about buying BTC but also using it for various aspects. And this is what takes me to Shopping.io, one of the well-renowned place, where you can do shopping smoothly.
  14. Selection of a right broker is so important since only then we will be able to figure out a good broker. I find it super cool with IronFX, as they are one of the oldest brokerage houses in the industry with excellent market reputation and highest level of security and safety. However, it is not all, since there is low spread, promotional offers and much more to help one. I enjoy using their Market Analysis as well, it just makes working super cool and comfortable.
  15. My choice of broker is very simple and that’s one which is properly regulated and got solid support. And this times me to just one Forex Trading India company called Forex Birds. A truly remarkable broker that offers wide range of benefits and features. Not only the spread is incredibly low with lightning fast execution of trades without concern of rejection but also is regulated and has excellent reputation. So all factors combined, it to me is just perfect.
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