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  1. hi friends and traders nano4x is offering their latest no deposit bonus .l just join and got it within 30 min. they are regulated and works like ECN.l was wonder of their speed.you may follow my affiliate link register and learn more good luck everybody http://nano4x.com/en/?af=457019
  2. Nano4x is a financial institute offering a gateway to interbank liquidity allowing to provide our clients with top class trading facilities. Company is a technology-driven broker registered as riskless principal and regulated by the FSC. Nano4x is not permitted to hold proprietary positions and has an Investment Dealer (Discount Broker) License. All trades are executed back to back with our providing banks, ensuring transparency and superior execution for our clients. Nano4x provides clients with direct access to interbank liquidity. We source liquidity from the top 6 FX Banks in the world now they are offering 12 usd no deposit bonus.l was able to get within 12 minutes.here is the link: http://nano4x.com/en/?af=457019
  3. actually robots are very useful tools for traders and they are not very complicated to use.since they have fixed settings the robot will move and give orders according to that settings.it can be very useful if a trader can have a conservative robot with a big enough capital.l m sure he or she can make a living with it.it also does not mean that we can not trade manually while using robot also.so it is better to make some combinations and if we loose from one then we can recover from other one.
  4. if you want to remove the presure then just do this.follow the money managenent rules and risk management.when you risk only 5% of your account in one trade means.you have 20 trades to finish your account.that means you have to loose nonestop 20 times so that you will loose all of your capital.if a trader can make 20 looses in line then he is not a trader at all :)some newbies since they dont use stoploose they are loosing all hteir account within a few trades.so money managemtn is a must.
  5. hi dear trader friends.today l want to share one of my experiance and advice for newbies.it is really working.wher shall we place our stoploose? the safest set up is here. when you get signals from market and decide to open a position ,you may buy or sell.now the question is where to put my stoploose. place your stoploose a few points away from nearest support and resistant line.if you will scalp then use smaller time frame like 15m or 30 m and find support and resistant.if you are day trader or long term trader then go to 4h or 1 day chart.in most case it is working. important:once you placed your stoploose dont ever never move it to anywhere.set up and forget. good luck
  6. lets explain like this if you want to just practice or you are not yet professional in forex it is better to invest small amounts or just use demo or some bonuse accounts.do not invest big amounts if you are not sure of managing it.the fisr goal is always not to loose the capital and stay in game then the rest will just follow it.
  7. Date Batch# Account Amount Fee Balance 01/27/2012 15:13 83115466 U0990758 (DMT and MTW ...) + $2.10 $0.03 $2.07 Merchant Reference: Memo: Payout from Digital Money Talk, Enjoy posting at forum!!!
  8. Displayed Username : ermaniso2011 Amount To Request (DMT points) : 210 Payment option Liberty Reserve ID: U5080960
  9. why no imformation here about LR to moneybookers or paypal.can you please clear this matter also.if l want to exchange my libery reserve to moneybookers or paypal what is your commision rate?do you still accept them or it is just advertised here.since l dint see and information above.thnx
  10. well the exchange rate from e-currenct to e-currency is extrmely high.while others are offering as low as %3 but here is %15 .so exchanging 1000 lr to moneybookers will simply cost us 150 usd plus the charges will be from moneybookers also.so it sound wire transfer will be cheaper.l dont recomend.
  11. hi l want to ask if to you exchange LR to paypal or moneybookers.l already have attaced paypal and moneybookers accounts to my bank so it will be easy for me to withdraw.what are your payment options?if l want to sell my LR how can l receive it.do you send via western union or money gram ?
  12. sorry but the charges are very high.l want to ask if your depit card is under payooner?opening depit cards account is 45 usd.and with drawal for usd is 2 usd and for none usd currensies is +%2.monthly fee 1 usd and there is also yearly fee. wow l m shock .if a person only do a few transaction in total will pay around 100 dolar comissions
  13. l think we have to identify the trend first l mean which trend is our friend long term,medium term or short temr trends?when we go down to small time frames like 15 m or 30 m they also got trend but short living.if l trader will call it ohh my friend and follow it then that trend my change every a few hours and can harm the trader so badly
  14. one of the best advise for the newbies is always make a trading plan before you will open position.wtire down your stoploose take frofit target and also and take note of your rules.that is all and use at least 1:2 risk managment.means your loose have to be half of your take profit target.
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