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  1. Im the OWNER/ADMINISTRATOR of this forum PEST FORUMS is a forum that discusses about pests like lizards , snakes , bed bugs and many many more . It is really fun to enjoy and participate in this community. YOU HAVE TO POST THREADS AND REPLIES ABOUT PESTS in their sections. Here are the rates details on how much you will get paid : YOU CAN DISCUSS ABOUT ANY PEST IN ITS SECTION ANYTHING ABOUT IT. The Rates are : PAY PER THREAD : 0.03$ PAY PER REPLY : 0.01$ PAY PER REFERRAL : 0.02$ YOU CAN CREATE UNLIMITED NUMBER OF THREADS AND UNLIMITED REPLIES PER DAY. EVERY THREAD YOU CREATE MUST BE MORE THAN 200 WORDS OR EQUAL YOU CAN CASH OUT ONCE YOU REACH 1$ PAYMENTS VIA : PAYZA & PERFECT MONEY. Please Visit www.pestforums.com/forum
  2. Displayed Username : kiranchandra Amount To Request (DMT points) : 150 Payment option payza ID : mybbthemesfounder@gmail.com
  3. I Used to hang around this website when iam in 2011 and used to make a lots of money , at that time i used alertpay but im now trying to get funds to payza ,Thanks for this.
  4. I joined this one , but dont have any idea whether this had an autosurf option for itself and also does it pays via paypal?
  5. Great ! You've got lots and lots of payments proofs over there and it is really nice to hear and makes others to join.
  6. This guide made my day , Ive been struggling a lot on blackhat forums to know how to make easy money per day,but this one being so helpful and very easy to implement.
  7. This looks like really an amzing new concept for me , Get paid to like is something what everyone will be interested to spend time on , however i want more info about this system.
  8. The name sounds really very weird though , still im strong enough to bare with this one lol . however im not gonna use it anytime but still im ok to find it helpful if somone pays through it.
  9. Skrill is been established since a long way for now and its been quite legit for now and so so many ecommerce websites have started using this , let us hope they would be legit as such.
  10. I Dont need to say anything about perfect money because all the forums are now using this to pay because they have really less fees and u can get the whole amount , so no loss for the sender and the receiver , Thanks for the info.
  11. Is this newly started ? because payment processors like this if they do not get success , then they just easily get shut down because not many members are using this one and so it will eventually get shutdown due to huge losses.
  12. Ive been using payza since long time and i know that this is the best one , i can use this for many ppc sites and so im interested in this.
  13. Thanks for icvector website , I will sure check this out . I just want to ask you one question that are you the owner of this website ?? If so , i want to know what special features this website has to trade?
  14. • the initial deposit for participation is $ 10 000; , This means that i have to invest 10000$ inorder to win this contest and also how does this work and will u refund back after winning this contest ? Please be clear.
  15. What is mean by As per your link , i have read through this link and registered on liquid markets but i dont know where is the option to activate forex robots . I have invested 100$ in your system and would like to contact the support.
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