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  6. Sorry! If you share more info, then maybe i can help you.
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  9. My friend told me, cryptocurrency going down? Is it true?
  10. Hello everybody, Give me some idea's for a redesign to change a style. This is the page http://www.fxallnews.com/category/forex-no-deposit-bonus/index.html Thank you.
  11. No matter if have a good forex trading system and if you have the ideal mindset, if you're not using a proper risk management, you aren't likely to be profitable in the long run. An adequate risk management must avert a forex dealer going broke and in the same time must see to it that the forex accounts has a chance to grow. Probability plays a huge role in tackling a decent risk management. The danger percentage per trade relies on the opportunity to go broke in a less positive period while at the exact same time the comfortable zone in addition to the growth potential should be thoroughly de
  12. This utterly banal question is asked too frequently. Banal? One is the asset category, another a financial tool! - Forex vs Binary Options? It'd be good to be knowledgeable about the answer to the question of if investing in forex is better then investing in binary possibilities, and vice-versa. This may help some dealers who've found themselves in the wrong marketplace to make the readjustment, particularly because there are many traders who've lost a ton of money junketing from one financial marketplace to another. We'll attempt to critique the pros and cons of binary and forex trading choic
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