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  1. But when you trade less it means there is less risk but less profit and this is a simple logic behind forex. This way also good for some traders but for me if you don't want to risk anything forex will be less useful and also it will be non-lucrative jobs, this is why forex better because it is profitable business, right?
  2. I agree with education being the important thing in early phase, also that is the first thing you should do. After gain some knowledge about forex then you can switch to training or gaining experience by trading. Not just theory but the real practice, and it would boost your chance to develop as a great trader in future. Luck for me is good thing to have but efforts could easily beat it.
  3. It is understandable if someone want to earn money from forex as living, Despite that, we should know the risk, focusing on make money and gain better prospect. From all traders who become full time trader, they are serious with the business and don't take it as joke, also their approach to the risk is pretty good and don't let emotions to control them.
  4. No need in real scenario but if that broker is reputed broker and also want to offer me nice sum of bonus without any hidden rules except i can't withdraw the money but profit where i can use that bonus just for trading, with all of my pleasure i will take the bonus and use it to the fullest. But most bonus have its own hidden agendas and rules.
  5. Not all brokers guarantee 100% safe trading account, but with a good regulatory they will act firm and your account is safe, also make sure that the broker have real segregated account where they don't mix trader's money with the broker its own operational money and it is good for transparency
  6. Learn(practicing), Invest, and Trade. Just do those 3, the one that you will do the most first before making profitable business is learn. Use demo account for this, spend like at least 6 months, trade 3 days each weeks. As for invest, you need reasonable capital i do recommend starting from $5000, lower is fine but you will move like slug if you want to expand and your earning is just few dollars. Trade, this is not hard as the time goes on but at first it is a bit tricky, but if you keep leaning trading will become like a flow inside of your body and don't forget keep flexible. If one strategy doesn't work then CHANGE THE STRATEGY and always keep your mind cool and take the most reasonable approach.
  7. Yes, the ability to make profit is something that we should get, not just for the sake of making forex as money factory but to survive. Without that skill, we practically just defend our account from losses and prolong our account's life before it touch a margin call position. Also aside from making profit, controlling the risk is also important, right?
  8. I know forex is lucrative, decentralized, fast, and open business, but it is not might at all. The turnover of fx spot alone already big enough compared to stock. If you want maybe you can try stock, which only come into my mind at the moment. Futures are good too but i am not really have much experience with it but the basic concept is make sense.
  9. Sometimes i cannot comprehend what you want to say but let me guess. Learning and trying are different thing, and like positive and negative slippage which has its 2 sides. In the end even you learn about it all and keep trading all people will prefer positive slippage rather than negative slippage, because the key is no one want to lose their money if they are really serious.
  10. It is well-known for dukascopy but it also use at NSFX which i said before as ECN or STP account, you can see it more here. https://www.nsfx.com/accounttypes/jforex/. Since it is based on java and not C or C++ it will be quite slow(for starting the app up) but based on my experience in demo account with it, it is pretty good and execution is not bad at all.
  11. Facing a crisis related to the proposals of the Brexit Act and the ongoing cabinet work facing challenges in Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May is rumored to be conducting a massive reshuffle in Britain's top politicians this week. In this reshuffle, not only the presumed Conservative Party leader will be replaced. Prime Minister May's cabinet has faced some turmoil in the past two months. In November 2017, he was threatened by a no-confidence vote proposed by a number of members of Parliament; and the chaos that was triggered by representatives of the people who came from members of his own party, the Conservative Party, but against Brexit. For now, it is not yet known how reshuffle efforts will affect the Brexit-related negotiations. After the news breaks out, the GBPUSD currency pair is still in the range around 1.3545, while EUR/GBP remains up and down but still above 0.8850. Most likely, these rumors will affect Poundsterling in the New York session as well.
  12. Crude oil prices fell at the end of the weekend trading, down from the highs of 2015, weighed by a surge in U.S. production. The price of US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude ended down nearly 1 percent at $ 61.44 a barrel. For this week the price of crude oil rose about 1.7 percent. Brent crude futures fell to $ 67.62 a barrel. The contract jumped to $ 68.27 in the previous session, also the highest since May 2015. Increased U.S. production and weaker demand for processed products weighs on the market. Traders say political tensions in Iran, the third largest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, have pushed up prices. Given that Iranian oil production has not been affected by the unrest, and that US production is likely to break the 10 million barrels per day (bpd) soon, a level so far achieved only by Saudi Arabia and Russia, doubts arise whether the rally could survive Many analysts expected that Crude Oil price overall will rise with optimism of OPEC-Russia production cuts and unrest in Iran. The oil price is expected to move within the resistance range which is between $ 61.90 and $ 62.40 .
  13. Gold prices posted a rise in closing prices for the 16th consecutive week on Friday night, after the release of NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) data showed a worse US labor market performance than earlier expectations. In early Asian trade this morning XAUUSD again rise around 0.03% to 1320.78, having briefly slipped from above 1322 in the seconds ahead of the NFP data release. According to the US Department of Labor, it is only able to create 148,000 jobs in the Non-Farm sector in December 2017. That figure is well below expectations that were previously pegged at 190,000. Will, the release was responded to by various market participants, because Non Farm Payroll for the November period was revised up. Over the next week, traders will return to present economic data from the US, which have an important impact on the gold market. In particular, inflation-related data and a speech by central bank officials could provide clues about the following US rate hikes. If interest rates increase and the US Dollar appreciates, then it could weigh on the price of Gold ahead.
  14. Construction Index data from December 2017 announced by the Australian Industry Group (AIG) earlier this morning showed a significant decline. This decline makes the Aussie slump about 0.27% from the open market today (8 / January) on the week of Asian session. The December Construction Performance Index (PCI) Index value fell 4.7 points to 52.8, from 57.5 in November. This decline marks a slowdown in industry growth by the end of 2017. However, results that are still above 50 and indicate overall industry growth. This growth also follows both other AIG economic indicators where AIG Manufacturing Index is at 56.2 points and AIG Services Index is at 52.0 points. AUD / USD is moving around 0.7843, has fallen 0.27% from today's open market price. Need to monitor this decline may also have an impact on NFP release data last Friday. The movements are likely to happen again because of the encouragement from within Australia which will release total sales changes in the retail field.
  15. US Dollar remained locked in its lowest point area for the last 3.5 months on Monday after US Non Farm Payroll failed to deliver momentum in expectations of sustained interest rate hikes in 2018. However, a number of policy makers are still convinced that interest rate hikes can be made according to previous plans The Dollar Index was at 91,919, just a few points above 91,751 which tested on Jan. 2. The US employment data actually rose only 148,000 in December. This figure is far below the expectations of economists who estimate the workforce increment would be around 190,000. Nevertheless, some officials of the Fed (Fed of the United States) issued a declaration of employment fell, they will still rise interest rates in 2018. USD on Monday strengthened the data post NFP on Friday . EUR/USD and GBP/USD fell by 0.02% and 0.11%, respectively. USD/JPY and USD/CHF rose by 0.11% and 0.10% respectively.
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