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Trading Emotions.

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Controlling your emotions is something that can be difficult, because it is not something we can simply learn from a book - it's something that is the result of a lot of practice and self-reflection. But if we put in the work, it can be good for not just our trading, but other areas of our lives as well.

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in trading there are too many important factors that should be taken into account, and emotions are no exception, I also consider it important which broker you work with, I think Amarkets is an excellent option for myself, a good office that gives you all the convenient conditions for convenient work

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Emotions can be really disruptive when it comes to trading. Their major negative consequence is that you break trading rules that you set what makes you unable to judge if your trading plan was right or not. I trade strictly according to my risk and money management plan with Hotforex and make changes only if I see how it can be improved. I don't let emotions take control over me. 

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