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Should attempt different brokers.

Gee Dee

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The primary advantage of having your investment assets in a single brokerage account is simplicity. Rather than having to keep track of different accounts separately, you can consolidate all of your holdings in a single place. That also makes it easier to analyze your overall portfolio, assessing its risk level and potential return and making necessary adjustments to stay in line with what you're comfortable doing with your stocks and other investments.

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I tried to use different brokers for work, but the broker from Amarkets turned out to be the best in terms of work for me. The working conditions are really favorable, and there have been no questions about the conclusion.


It is really important for a trader to have experience with several companies. So he will better navigate the conditions of working with brokers. I tried different companies myself, but now I have stopped at a broker from Amarkets, and I consider this broker the best option for work.

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