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  1. On forex, you can trade any currency you want.
  2. When we chase big and quick profits, we get nothing as a result.
  3. Indeed, your income will depend on what your deposit will be, but at the initial stage, I would recommend starting with at least $ 100, as I did in my time, starting trading with the Amarkets broker.
  4. Forex has its own terminology, which you cannot do without, you need to study it initially.
  5. Greed is the mistake most traders make when entering this market.
  6. Of course, everyone strives to earn as much as possible, but you need to set specific goals for yourself.
  7. I agree that it is much easier for experienced traders than for beginners, but those who go to their goal will definitely achieve it.
  8. You always need to set reasonable limits for yourself to be profitable.
  9. I decided not to risk a large amount of the deposit, which is why I used the minimum broker amarkets of $ 100.
  10. It is quite profitable to use such video courses
  11. To avoid greed, it is recommended that you visit the trading terminal as rarely as possible
  12. The amount of income directly depends on your deposit. But at the initial stage, it is more important not to lose what you already have.
  13. Look for the optimal combination and close the position only when the strategy tells you, neither later nor earlier.
  14. Amarkets broker is in good demand now. He really has a lot of useful information, a briefing and generally favorable trading conditions
  15. There are a number of companies that can boast of work experience in 30-40 and even more years
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