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  1. First of all, you need to check the broker for withdrawing funds, tried to continue to cooperate with him.
  2. I also agree with you that it is more and more profitable to trade on Forex both in terms of risks and profits.
  3. Each loss has its own nuances, and if this is not the broker's fault, then you really shouldn't complain, just analyze what went wrong.
  4. I determined for myself that at the moment it is most profitable for me to use ECN with a leverage of 1: 200 and a depot of $ 200 with the Amarkets broker
  5. A trader must be able to use several strategies, which will depend on the situation in the market and how he is prepared.
  6. Our own rules begin to be developed when we have already gone through a certain experience in trading and makes our own adjustments to our strategy.
  7. Compliance with the rules always leads to a good and positive result, so there is no need to ignore them.
  8. I became convinced of the reliability of the Amarkets broker, which have been on the market for over 12 years, and I very often use their 1: 1000 leverage.
  9. Without analyzing your work, further trading may not go according to plan, and you always need to devote a very good time.
  10. Indeed, if the broker is good enough, they take care that clients can get as much profit as possible.
  11. If you are trading according to your plan, then stick with it and this way you can overcome greed.
  12. This is an ambiguous question, and it is rather difficult to answer it.
  13. And I don't see anything in getting a deposit bonus, I can't say that Amarkets always has a good offer.
  14. Before we make our profit, we will have to face losses.
  15. We lose control of a trading situation when our emotions cloud our minds.
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