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  1. No-deposit bonuses are exactly what they say on the tin, providing a small bundle of bonus funds with no deposit required. In effect, it's free cash to play with. No-deposit bonuses usually take the form of a fixed cash sum, although they can also be a number of free spins for slot games.
  2. Greed is something which can ruin the whole trading career just because of one wrong decision. Better not to be too much greedy instead if that work on practical background.
  3. Discipline in anything you do will always ensure your long term stability in business. In the same way practice and discipline in forex trading is also important.
  4. In my point of you, one should choose such broker who is master in technical skills and knowledge which will help the client to earn profit which would also increase the credit of that broker in market. Broker should always be expert and experienced.
  5. Volatility is a statistical measure of the dispersion of returns for a given security or market index. In most cases, the higher the volatility, the riskier the security. For example, when the stock market rises and falls more than one percent over a sustained period of time, it is called a "volatile" market.
  6. Strategy is a key element of long term successful binary options trading. The best binary trading strategies can be defined as: A method or signal which consistently makes a profit. More advanced traders can find forex strategies, scalping or arbitrage tips and MT4 strategy.
  7. Every individual joining hands with any broker expects valuable and good speedy service. Fast service may be judge as quality of their service.
  8. Greed is something which leads a good Forex trader into a loss coming outcome even from a well planed Forex strategy because sometimes greed leads towards wrong decision.
  9. Knowledge acquisition is one of the most important thing if you as a trader wants to achieve success in Forex market.
  10. Being a new trader or a trader who is unable to make a profit in this market often expects such trading software to help them out in learning something new as well as get some profit from the market.
  11. If you want to have good Forex Trading Experience, you should choose HotForex. HotForex offers a wider variety of account types than any other broker I have reviewed, all with highly competitive and distinct trading conditions designed to meet the needs and demands of all types of traders.
  12. Without patience, you’ll fail as a trader. Don’t be a FOMO trader. Always wait for confirmation before entering a trade. Patience Is Also A Form Of Action – Auguste Rodin 1. Follow your trading plan 2. Wait for confirmation 3. Use Market , limit and stop orders 4. Use price alerts 5. Know yourself Other opportunities will always come along.
  13. Broker scams are increasing drastically as people are unaware of broker service, their true review, background and many more thing to be concerned. So i think before selecting any broker you must research about if and feel free to contact their customer service for your doubts.
  14. I prefer learning and practicing on my own rather depending on any broker, hiring broker involves cost in it, better learn yourself. Don't have fear to fail always have a confident mind and learning attitude.
  15. Fore Insurance is available for traders to protect their Day Trader Account with Insurance against losses. Forex traders face periods of draw-down and abnormal market conditions that can lead to unwanted losses on trading accounts
  16. Now a days due to effect of Covid-19 people are often free at home or either working from home so to earn from internet is a good option as well as learning to trade and exploring your skills with intention to earn good money.
  17. Forex is when you buy currency on cheapest price and sell on highest. It is market of currency, where people speculate to get the profit. For trading there are many brokers available in market like Hotforex, InstaForex and many more added to the list.
  18. Earning in Demo account is easy if you have proper knowledge and skills to trade. most importantly trading plan for beginner should be specific and organised.
  19. Lack of knowledge will always put your capital amount into a danger of LOSS. If your lucky only then u may have a bit of profit but its said half knowledge is dangerous. So before thinking to start trading into forex market to earn profit you must first gain proper knowledge of the market.
  20. Yes, Quick profits are achievable and expected in this global market like Forex, but it's said profit is associated with risk; so higher the capacity to take risk has the highest profit attached with it. All depends on how good you are at trading and skills.
  21. Yes, Forex is largest global financial market where currency of different country are trade and trader's can buy and sell with intention to earn profit. This platform gives an opportunity to passionate broker's and trader's to utilise their skills and knowledge and earn lots of profit.
  22. Demo account is very beneficial to trader's where they can utilise their skills and implement their learned knowledge into practical field before entering into live market. This will help them increase their will power and confidence.
  23. As a new trader to Forex market one can learn many things from demo account. They can learn about leverage, can know the trading plan used, different strategies used in this market and most importantly can polish up their skills to trade.
  24. Forex is a global financial market where one cannot earn money unless they have adequate knowledge to do so, so its necessary to work hard on your skills, on your development of knowledge and being aware of all whats happening in market.
  25. Forex is undoubtedly a huge platform globally available for anyone to earn profit provided you have proper skills and knowledge about trading into Forex market.
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